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To: SportEngland and various potential backers

ASCEND CLIMBING GYM - Bring Climbing To Louth

ASCEND CLIMBING GYM - Bring Climbing To Louth

To help raise/contribute funds and support for up and coming climbing gym in Louth Lincolnshire ASCEND CLIMBING GYM.

Why is this important?

We started this project because the sport of climbing is completely unrepresented in our area. We want to give people the chance to experience the fun and excitement involved in climbing and to expand their resources to achieve a healthy lifestyle. The people in our community have already showed a huge amount of interest in this project and with climbing's debut in the 2020 Olympics there's no better time to make this project a reality.

Louth LN11 0HQ

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Reasons for signing

  • The more places to do climbing and experience the outdoors - the better!
  • I have to travel to hull twice a week. To go bouldering Which costs me £30 a go This would save me alot of money. It would be a great addition to louth. And would get alot of interest in the area.
  • The kids in our town need this. There's so little for them, and in all their boredom they're getting into trouble doing stupid things because they're bored, then rebelling further for being repremanded for being bored, and so on. Something like this gives them something fun to do, and if they like it, it's something that can be pursued as a sports career that is also coming to the Olympics. Kids in this area have very little opportunity, and it's getting less and less and the time.


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