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To: Wigan council

Atherton community centre changing rooms

Atherton community centre changing rooms

Give us planning permission for changing rooms to be added to Atherton community centre for the football teams to use.

Why is this important?

Through many years and many generations Atherton community centre has been the home of countless football teams of all ages. But recent changes and requirements mean that to be able to enter the league, local football teams must provide somewhere for players to get changed. This means that local Atherton teams are having to travel miles away, to a playing field with changing facilities, to play home games. Taking home games away from Atherton deprives Atherton of its sense of community.

As a community we are prepared to fundraise as much as we can for the cost of new changing rooms, but we wish the council would cooperate and help us by at least giving us planning permission. But they have been avoiding giving us an answer.

Atherton community centre has been the home of football for Atherton for many years, myself and many other residents would hate to see there be no football teams left in our local area due to the minor requirement of teams having somewhere to get changed. I’m hoping that we can bring back local football to the community of Atherton.

Dorset Road Community Centre, Dorset Road, Atherton, Manchester

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because the football teams had there own facilities on the Norfolk Road side that were demolished to accommodate them into the community centre when built. There was good people true Hag Folders true Athertonians born and bred he community centre was built for the Hag fold community so stand by the promises made to our community or is this another Wigan council ploy to destroy aa great community spirit.
  • Something for the generations to come


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