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Autistic assessment and support to be debated in parliament

Autistic assessment and support to be debated in parliament

Debate autism support and assessment

Why is this important?

Because my autistic son got enrolled in error on a pathways collage course at city collage Norwich.. I want to prevent this upset from happening to other families.. and get justice for my son and others


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Reasons for signing

  • This can't continue !God bless all our children
  • My grandson is Autistic, but very intelligent, he is nine years old. There is no help in our area for children with disability of any kind, they are written off, as my Dyslexic son was years ago !. The cut-backs have made things harder, leaving my grandson full of anger and frustration as others in his class.
  • This is disgraceful. No child or family with any child never mind an autistic child should be put through this.


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