• Playgrounds for all
    All children have the right to access provisions whether that be swimming pools, sport halls, cinemas, in other words ALL public places. However, for those children living with a disability, especially those with a physical disability, many never get to experience playing in a playground. It is imperative for all children to develop and the only way that can happen, is by accessing different environments. For any child to experience the movement of a swing, the wind on their face, to feel the movement of a roundabout, or a sea-saw, then to see the joy on their faces. This doesn't happen for those children who are disabled. This petition is asking the Minister for the Disabled Tom Pursglove |MP to take action by enabling and legislating for all playgrounds in the country to be accessible so that children will no longer feel that they are being barred from such a facility, through no fault of their own.
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    Created by Carla Woods
  • Inclusion for all children at holiday camps
    Holiday clubs carry a huge responsibility when it comes to disability. They represent the first few experiences my daughter (and other children with disabilities) have of society outside the protection of a loving family and hopefully a supportive school. They can either reinforce a sense of “I am different, but I am equal to everyone else”, or they expose disabled children to a negative sense of “I am different, I am a burden, I am excluded”. Each time a club says no, and a child is excluded, it's a little chip at their self-esteem and a lowering of expectations for their future self. According to a survey by Scope, the disability charity, nearly half of disabled adults surveyed feel excluded by society and day to day life. Two thirds have stopped doing something because of other people’s attitudes. This doesn’t happen overnight. It’s all these little negative experiences that chip away at them over time. It's totally unacceptable in today's society.
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    Created by Nicola Parton
  • Stop the government cuts to disability benefits
    There is no evidence they have jobs ready for people to go into. The current turn around for new/renewed claims is over 12 months. You cannot put vulnerable people into work with out the right support for both their mental and physical needs.
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    Created by Samii Taylor
  • Make public transport accessible to the clinically vulnerable
    Accessibility should be for all. Making spaces safe for clinically vulnerable people is an accessibility issue that we need to address moving forward.
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    Created by Nico Reznick
  • Disability parking space in Ludwell close Winterborne
    To help the environment with changing to elictric cars And help the elderly and disabled residents in Ludwell close Winterborne
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    Created by ALAN HISCOX
  • Show your support for Disabled people
    There are over 14 million Disabled people in the UK. Some of us are treated more unfairly than others. But we have lots of things in common. We all want to live in an inclusive society. We want to live in a community where everyone has a fulfilling life. We want everyone to feel connected and valued. We are asking the next UK Government to bring in a programme to make big changes in society. This programme should change how decisions are made and how funding is allocated. Right now,the way things are done slt in discrimination against Disabled people. The Disabled People's Manifesto sets out what we want them to do to end this discrimination. We all want the right support to be there when we need it. Our plan asks for four key things to be put in place: •Representation and Voice: We want to have a voice and have a say about things that are important to us. Nothing about us without us. •Rights: We want to have the same rights as everyone else. •Independence: We want the same choice and controlover our lives as everyone else. •Inclusion: We want to be included in society as equal citizens.
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    Created by Disability Rights UK
  • Butlins requires a Changing Places (not in the swimming changing rooms)
    A lot of people take going to the toilet and keeping their dignity for granted. Imagine being a parent of a 10 year old disabled child who needs more space than a baby changing table due to child’s weight and height, and your only option is to go through wet changing rooms and hope that the accessible changing room is free so that your child can be changed in comfort and keep their dignity. You also can only use these facilities 9-5 daily, the rest of the time, you’ve got to go back to your apartment, upto 0.7 miles. Would you be happy being in an entertainment venue and having to walk 0.7 miles to use the toilet?
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    Created by Andrew Simpson
  • Keep Edinburgh Childcare 4 All!
    Edinburgh after school clubs should be accessible to all children that need them, regardless of disability! Imagine the impact on disabled children, who are already excluded from many activities that most families take for granted, for whom after school club with their friends was a highlight. Now they are faced with being excluded from their after school clubs while their peers continue to attend! Imagine the impact on parents suddenly having to decide whether they can continue with jobs or studies with two weeks' notice. Finding alternative provision at this short notice is next to impossible – the childcare crisis is even more of a crisis if your child has additional support needs. What’s the bigger picture? According to the Scottish Government, “Disabled people should have freedom, dignity, choice and control over their lives. We want to remove the barriers that stop people from enjoying equal access to full citizenship.” The recent City of Edinburgh Council decision is clearly at odds with this ethos. Moreover, the Equality Act of 2010 states that when public authorities make policies and decisions, they must think about the need to eliminate unlawful discrimination, advance equality of opportunity between people who share a “protected characteristic” (which includes disability) and those who don’t, and foster and encourage good relations between these two groups of people. Enabling disabled children to participate in mainstream after school provision self-evidently advances equality of opportunity and fosters good relations between our children and the other children, and so the decision to eliminate this funding violates the public sector equality duty under this Act. Not only does this target disabled children, some of the most vulnerable members of our society, it also makes no economic sense because it will limit the ability of parents and caregivers to work, forcing us to rely more, not less, on public funds. And it will make society less inclusive for all of our children. What can you do to help ? Please stand with us and tell the City of Edinburgh Council that our children are not just numbers on a balance sheet; they continue to deserve support to access childcare alongside their peers. You can sign this petition. You can share this petition. And if you have time, please also get in touch with your Councillors (https://democracy.edinburgh.gov.uk/mgMemberIndex.aspx?bcr=1) and MSPs (https://www.parliament.scot/msps/current-and-previous-msps) to let them know why Childcare 4 All matters.
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    Created by Juliana Capes
  • Hull train office
    This would make it hard for people like myself to get train tickets. It's important to make sure that we still keep the train tickets office so we can get train tickets without having to mess about with tickets machine as some people don't know how to use them like myself.
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    Created by Thomas Wake
  • Make Taxis More Accessible at Doncaster Railway Station.
    We believe that the situation can change if some of the bays in front of the station were dedicated to Doncaster Station Taxis, who were established in 1997 on the request of the train company for the ease of railway station passengers. With the proposed changes, the situation can become much more accessible and equitable to everyone. Additionally, we suggest that a fully lit-up visible sign be installed at the new taxi rank to help the public easily spot the taxis. This would provide relief to the passengers who are struggling to identify the taxis they need to board. We urge the Doncaster authorities and LNER to give serious consideration to this proposal and take urgent action to make the necessary changes. It's high time we start valuing the needs of our differently-abled fellow citizens and make our city a more accessible place for everyone.
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    Created by GMB Union North East, Yorkshire and Humber Region
  • Ensure needs of people with Autism are met in any future pandemic response
    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many people with Autism in the UK struggled to process and understand information, advice and guidance, if they found any. Appropriate, Autism-suitable information needs to be provided on all platforms - TV, Radio, Newspapers, Leaflets, Websites and Social Media by the UK Government during a health crisis like this. The mental health of many people with Autism has been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Emerald Insight Survey ‘The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Autistic Adults’ published in February 2021 stated:"72% of respondents reported some or significant deterioration in Mental Health during the pandemic” and said the most negative impacts were the result of “uncertainty and disruption of normal routine”. This needs preventing in a health crisis. Action needs to be taken because it effects so many people, Autistic people themselves, their families, their friends, work colleagues etc. This needs to be made Law, here are my Legislation Proposals I have produced: Legislation to protect people with Autism during a future health crisis Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic there has been a lack of consideration and support by the UK Government for people with Autism. Legislation needs to be put in place to ensure this does not happen again in a future health crisis. 1. Information for Autistic people needs to be in clear straightforward language with short and simple sentences, no abbreviations and jargon. Bullet points and visual images should be used to assist processing and understanding. 2. Information should be provided on the following platforms, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Leaflets, Websites and Social Media. 3. Warnings should be put in place before programmes and advertisements. This would prevent Autistic people being subjected to information which is not delivered in an appropriate way for people with Autism. This would reduce so much confusion, anxiety, distress and panic attacks. The failures which people with Autism in the UK suffered throughout the Covid-19 pandemic must not ever happen again in a future health crisis. Please sign and share. Thank you.
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    Created by Ivan Ambrose
  • Increase Disabled Facility Grant in line with inflation
    The Disabled Facilities Grant helps people with disabilities make changes to their homes so they can continue to live there. Thousands of families with disabilities now are faced with making up the shortfall for the grant. For example a 3x3m extension of living space with no adaptations is costed at over £45,000. Therefore families, including my own are forced to try and raise upwards of £15,000. If that money is not available we have to go without vital adaptions to live comfortably and with dignity.
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    Created by Jayne Huddle Picture