• Better pavements for the disabled
    Because being disabled like myself I have experienced driving my chair down a pavement that was too high a dip. And I have seen other people who are disabled have problems with pavements. I want them more accessible.
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    Created by Alex Rust
  • Fairness & Equality for people on the Autistic spectrum & the Disabled of Society.
    This petition is important to me as I have higher functioning autism, & unfortunately Ive have had to attend those nonsensical “Work Assessments.” Those assessments are clearly designed to rid people off the welfare system regardless if the claimants have a disability or not. On two or three separate occasions I’ve had to take the DWP to the tribunal & all times the courts have reversed the DWP’s wrongful decision & placed me back into the care component of the ESA benefit (of which I am currently claiming). Ideally it would be great if the DWP would actually scrap the work assessments for people with disabilities, & instead work with the disabled of society without the threat of benefit sanctions. The current DWP system was implemented by the Ian Duncan Smith, a man notorious for wreaking havoc on the welfare state to satisfy his hatred toward those claiming benefits. The current status of the DWP hasn’t changed & is seriously out of date & needs a major overhaul. There currently is no “fairness & equality” for the disabled of society who need these vital benefits to simply live, & yet the DWP are still harshly Implementing the bias Work Assessments.
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    Created by Jason Jagla
  • Crime + Investigation Channel Subtitles UK
    Crime + Investigation Channel UK have no subtitles or closed captions for the deaf and hearing impaired in the UK. There are approximately 12 million people in the UK that require subtitles to understand the programs that they broadcast. It is unacceptable that this channel will still not provide this service to the deaf and hard of hearing.
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    Created by William Michael Picture
  • Getting understood what hip dysplasia is and how it effects people!
    Seems like there isn't enough understanding off what hip dysplasia is and how it effects people that have it day to day lives. After going years and years off being told that I had nothing wrong to then being told I have bilateral double hip dysplasia and having one pao and having to have another one done aswell I went from being told nothing wrong to I actually have a problem with my hips it took so long when it could have been helped earlier on if it was understood more
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    Created by Kelly Reeve Picture
  • Give Skem Men-Aces Recognition On One Of Our Many Roundabouts
    Skem Men-Aces is one of the most highly decorated disability football teams in the country and deserves some recognition within it's hometown by way of a permanent sign on one of our many roundabouts. Most advertising signs, on our roundabouts, are empty and it would be great to see one turned permanently into a "Home of The Skem Men-Aces" sign. Skem Men-Aces is a real jewel in the crown of the wonderful things this town has to offer and it would be a fitting tribute to such an incredible club that has even won the Queens Award for voluntary services.
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    Created by James Upjohn
  • No parking space
    I have to park further away as some residents have more than two cars parked I have mobility issues but not enough to get a disabled line
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    Created by Sana Mehmood
  • Don't make diabetics the new care home crisis
    Current medical data from a significant NHS England study shows that diabetics, especially Type 1 diabetes which is not directly related to obesity, are at significantly increased risk of dying from Covid 19 (more than 3 times higher than a non-diabetic for Type 1, and more than 2 times higher for Type 2). The risk is such that the leading diabetes charity Diabetes UK is calling for the government to ensure employers either continue to furlough diabetics or allow them to work from home even with the easing of lockdown restrictions. This plea has been ignored, and so thousands of diabetics will be forced back to work and to a massively increased risk of death. It is a blatant disregard for their own official medical data and for human life. My husband is a Type 1 diabetic and has been for over thirty years, very rarely missing a days work and contributing hugely to his workplace - I do not want to see him sent to his death because the government refuse to acknowledge the facts and put appropriate shielding advice in place.
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    Created by Helen Compton
  • Disability
    It is important for the DWP to officially declare this as Medical Disability which has No cure just medications but they don't really work also if you have it you should automatically be able to claim pip for it as affects your nervous system so difficult to just to do normal things about house etc it also make you have dizzy spells lack of use of arms legs mobility as constant pain . Have to have help with care and cooking etc also cant go out much as No energy and breathing problems this is Something that Needs to be Classed as Permanent disability it is in other countries.
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    Created by Malcolm Davey Picture
  • Make fibromyalgia and other invisible illnesses recognised disabilities.
    I know from suffering with fibromyalgia myself and how it also affects others that we are vulnerable also. Even coming down with common cold can have many more complications for a sufferer than a otherwise healthy person. I rarely pick up one bug or virus, it often comes with another such as chest infections, tonsillitis and more. Suggesting that these illnesses certainly do have a huge impact on a sufferers immune system. However this and other invisible chronic illnesses are not listed as auto immune diseases. Let alone recognised as a disability.
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    Created by Hazel Dymond Picture
  • Ppe clear window on face mask so deaf/ hard of hearing people can lip read
    Because deaf and hard of hearing people rely on lip reading
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    Created by Tina Bridge Picture
  • We desperately need support for invisible carers
    Over 8 million people who care for relatives at home are being ignored. Many of us are shielding vulnerable people, we can’t get delivery slots because we’re not on the most vulnerable list. We don’t want to go out for fear of bringing the virus home. When we can get deliveries they’re more expensive because we’re having to order from specialist, local shops. We are being expected to cope on our own, with extremely limited budgets and no support. We work 24/7 taking the strain off the NHS and social services by caring for our loved ones and we are being IGNORED.
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    Created by Mandm Tog Picture
  • Carers Allowance
    This is important as carers that look after family members do a hard job like myself we are just like a doctor, nurse or even someone that works in a care home as we work all day and night cleanIng and looking after our loved ones. I myself was walking full time as was my partner until she got these disability in 2010. We are a group of people that do a fantastic job but unfortunately we are forgotten about and now is the time to high light this problem so that all carers including myself get a proper living wage.
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    Created by Andrew Powley Picture