• Put tactile tiles on ALL railway platforms - stop fatalities
    A coroner’s hearing blamed lack of tactile tiles for a blind man’s death. Although these sound like harrowing, rare incidents, falls from platforms due to a lack of tactile paving happen all too often according to the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). It says studies have shown that blind or partially sighted people make up 15% of all those who fall from platforms, despite representing only 3.3% of the UK's population, although no specific numbers were provided. It said it was "aware of several similar occurrences" where the lack of tactile paving may have contributed to people with sight loss falling onto railway tracks. Currently, 40% of mainline railway stations in England, Scotland and Wales do not have tactile paving - that amounts to about 1,000 stations. The rail network in Northern Ireland has tactile paving on all its platform edges, according to the RNIB. Cleveland's death happened in the same London region as Artur's fall. "I'm angry that's it's still happening eight years after me," Artur says. "I'm angry because no one did anything.". Since 1998 the government has said the implementation of tactile paving should be "considered" in new developments and improvement schemes at stations. Guidance it reiterated in 2021 but currently, it is not a legal requirement to incorporate it. Artur says: "It is incomprehensible to me that almost a quarter of a century wasn't long enough to install tactile paving. "It only shows that the rail industry doesn't care enough about the health and safety of disabled passengers." This has been advocated for over 25 years! What is stopping this measure except lack of commitment?
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    Created by Johnty Ebenezer
  • Stop delaying PIP payments to Newly Disabled
    A life changing event is traumatic enough and recovery albeit physical, mental or financial, must not be impeded by government incompetence or apathy.
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    Created by Ian Fowles
  • Stop the loss of Dorset SENDIASS
    Outsourcing this service would lose the trust of parents and the local knowledge and relationships with the existing team. We want the voices of parents and carers heard who would like to see support and resources given to the existing in-house team to continue to provide the excellent service they do and build a better service for the future of SEN children across Dorset. We feel that outsourcing will result in a service provider that does not know our families or our demographic. It will result in a long transition period of handover. Of the service provider does not meet their obligations to SEN families then there will be along assessment period and transition of services to another provider or back in-house. All the while children and thee families fall through the cracks. We are highly concerned that adequate consultation was not given to a wide range of groups and parents with an interest in this area as a result the decision is not reflective of their feelings.
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    Created by Leeann Boon
  • Reinstate Pet Passports so Pets and Assistance Dogs can access EU without an AHC (£190 a trip)
    On the 1st January 2021 the UK was downgraded to Part 2 Listed Status for pet travel into the EU requiring getting a single travel Animal Health Certificate (AHC) from a vet at a typical cost of £190 (60 pages long!) so as to demonstrate that the animal does not have rabies. The ridiculous paradox is that, unlike mainland Europe, the Uk is free of rabies and the AHC is even needed for travel to Northern and Southern Ireland who are also rabies free! On a personal level I am registered as disabled and travel to Europe several times a year and will have to pay a extra £190 per trip for my assistance dog! There appears to be little pressure from the vets to address this injustice as it is a licence for them to print money
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    Created by Robin Craig
  • Special Needs school for Social emotional and mental health, ADHD & Autism
    No spaces within specifically SEMH schools and the closest primary being Haywood Grove with limited spaces and a 1year waiting list. We have a few Secondary SEMH Schools but all with waiting lists therefore these children are without an education or support as it’s just a waiting game. These Children have a right to an education and there is plenty of evidence that there are not enough schools catering for SEMH therefore why is nothing being done to change this. We need this to change, something needs to be done. The fact that there are schools struggling with the ability to keep children within their school that need the kind of support that only a Special Needs School can give and get the most out of their education, this being in a School that best caters for their needs. There are children at risk of being permanently excluded because they are unable to follow the everyday expectations of mainstream which has a decremental effect on their Education, Self-esteem and mental health due to the inability to be able to converse within mainstream. I have been in this situation for nearly 2 yrs and it was one of the most stressful time of my life, feeling like you are failing your child. This situation needs to be addressed and would take pressure of mainstream schools and families struggling with the uncertainty of what there child’s future will look like. As mentioned there is a SEMH Secondary but again a waiting list, also the fact that Falconer is without green space to use on a daily basis and this is a necessity for for all schools to have, particularly an SEMH. Please sign and support change.
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    Created by Samantha Carey
  • Get charities to train neuro service dogs too!
    This is important because there are over 7 billion people in the world. There are over 300,000 admissions of people with brain injury’s to hospitals every year. Pretty much everyone with a brain injury needs some kind of help, whether it be from a nurse, carer, support worker or assistance dog.
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    Created by Megs Rose
  • Dyslexic mode mandatory in all software
    In the modern world we all use technology in one way or another and this was accelerate by the covid-19 pandemic. As a dyslexic myself I can tell you it is a pain to do tasks on apps like MS teams, Google classroom , Google chrome (all other browsers) and more. This would make equality better for everyone with hidden disabilities. This will help people you know. And let me leave you with this: 20% of people in the world are dyslexic. That is 1 in 5 people
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    Created by Ron Witclth
  • Recognise Fibromyalgia as a disability
    They are paying independent companies to do the assessment and 8 claims out of 10 are being declined. Fibromyalgia is a daily struggle for the majority of sufferers. It is a disabling condition physically, mentally and emotionally.
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    Created by Nathalie Kate
  • Make Clear masks available for everyone
    Face coverings and masks are a barrier for the deaf and lip readers so the mouth needs to be visible for those with dementia and autism the fabric can cause misunderstanding and melt downs
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    Created by Louise Drakes
  • Fund better mental health support for children with asd
    Severe cases of ASD not currently recognised to be a severe mental impairment, People with children that have severe ASD desperately need this support as their children are severely mentally impaired
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    Created by Aishah Mecaj
  • Remove nhs contracts with opcare
    Opcare are an independent company contracted by the NHS to assess the needs of disabled patients and help them get the correct mobility aids. They are treating, us, the disabled people as labelled illnesses and not helping with our independent needs... We deserve help and independence, we deserve a reliable assessment centre... Removing opcare will be the first thing the NHS need to do to create a better tomorrow for its disabled patients.
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    Created by Anna Thornton
  • Petition calling for urgent improvements to accessibility in Ramsgate
    We the undersigned are appalled at the lack of accessibility in Ramsgate. People with disabilities, including wheelchair users, mobility scooter users, those who need to use other walking aids are being continually discriminated against by being denied access to our town and amenities. There are, Insufficient dropped curbs Poorly maintained dropped curbs Poorly maintained pavements Appalling signage Lifts not working No access to the beach Insufficient crossings on main roads Poor access to many shops and cafes Too few disabled parking bays KCC need to take urgent action to allow us full access and to respect our human rights as people with a disability.
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    Created by Joe Shaw