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To: Scottish Government

Automatic Entitlement to education until 18 years old for all

Dear Mr. Salmond,

Please address the unfair situation with regards to pupils with additional support needs when they reach 16 years of age.

Currently, there is an assumption that pupils can stay on in full-time education until they are 18. For many pupils in special educational placements, including my daughter, there is no automatic assumption. To enable her to stay on for a fifth year I had to ask my local authority. The same is true for her 6th year, I will have to ask again.

Why is this important?

Many parents have areal struggle to get their children placed in the most appropriate provision. There is a general assumption that as long as the placement is beneficial, the pupil will be there until they are 18, just like mainstream. However, this is not the case. Parents have to justify why their child should stay on. This has to be done for each year applied for. This is so unfair and adds unnecessary stress to already over stressed families.
Scotland, United Kingdom

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