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To: Amber Valley Borough Council

AVBC needs a planning core strategy

This campaign has ended.

AVBC needs a planning core strategy

Amber Valley Borough Council has withdrawn its own planning core strategy days before an inspector was to examine it.

This is the second time it has failed to deliver this plan the first plan being suspended by the Planning Inspector.

The petition calls for the council not to abandon the residents of the borough and given the costs already incurred to the public purse, failures of the current leadership and the indifference of its leader for the council to find another leader who can deliver this.

Why is this important?

The withdrawal of the councils own Planning Core Strategy puts the whole borough at risk of developers gaining their planning consent by appeal. The councils repeated failure to deliver a five year supply of sites for new homes means that the whole borough is at risk from developers.

The root causes of this has been incompetency and political inertia and a reluctance to identify sites across the borough which might be unpopular.

Amber Valley Borough Council, Market Place, Ripley

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Reasons for signing

  • Yet again the conservatives of Amber Valley dither at the electorates expense
  • I reluctantly voted for accepting this plan as any plan is better than no plan when the developers are lurking like vultures to use their links with those in power to push through their unwanted building schemes when no plan is in place.
  • The housing crisis is a national scandal and we should be ashamed as a nation of the lack of affordable housing and soaring costs of both rents and house prices. If councils fail to plan and act they are leaving the field open to unscrupulous developers. The time to act is NOW!


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