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Award the George Cross to the staff of the NHS

Award the George Cross to the staff of the NHS

The highest award for bravery by a civilian is the George Cross.
It is awarded to an individual for an act of extreme bravery.
There is a precedent for it to be awarded for a collective act of bravery, namely Malta during the Second World War. The tiny island suffered a prolonged onslaught by German and Italian air forces. More bombs were dropped on them than the entire bombing campaign against Britain.
The King awarded the island a George Cross and the boost to the morale of the people was immense.
I propose the George Cross be awarded to the NHS for the bravery and devotion shown in this time of National Crisis, as it was given to the people of Malta.
We are in unprecedented times. Staff risk their own lives to save others on a daily basis.
They should be rewarded collectively.
I petition the Government, with respect, that the NHS be awarded the George Cross for bravery and make the NHS, the NHS GC as a sign of the nation's respect and to honour the lives they have saved.

Why is this important?

This award, presented as a collective to Malta, set a precedent. As we are in an unparalleled situation, where ordinary staff in the NHS have quite literally put their lives on the line at a moment's notice, often with very personal sacrifices being made, to care for the nation in a national crisis. It is fitting that their unflinching bravery be recognised. Without them, we would be facing a much deeper crisis. They must be rewarded and recognised for being the backbone of Britain. They were the new front line in the war against this virus.

Reasons for signing

  • Because of my wonderful nhs colleague working night and day to beat covid 19
  • This is to show solidarity that we cannot take our NHS for granted


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