To: NHS and DOH

B12 Testing & Treatment

NHS to routinely test for B12 deficiency using total B12 testing and Active B12 testing on all patients suffering CFS/ME, MS , Parkinsons, Depression, Dementia, Alxheimers, Migranes, Gastric symtoms such as Chrones, Cardiac Failure , over 65s , Hypothyroidism .Hair Loss

Why is this important?

Its Important that this test is done as symptoms can be relieved by supplementing with B12 which cost as little as 50Pence per Ampule , saving NHS Billions Pounds, and saving Billions on welfare assistance , saving millions of people in UK from suffering from this deficiency and getting diagnosed with more serious conditions . Dr. Chandey as done so much research into this condition and as helped Thousands of people back to Health , many have been in Wheelchairs. Also Martin Hooper as just published a book on The Forgotton Illness . This as long been neglected by NHS not testing for B12 deficiency .!!

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