To: Parents and retailers.

Baby ban on piercings.

Baby ban on piercings.

Join me and stop parents from doing something that their kid has no voice for. Stopping little children from crying for unnecessary pain. Sign the petition and show support.

Why is this important?

Children are very young to know what they want. They are also to young, at a certain age, to speak. So why should parents cause unnecessary pain just to make their child look prettier or adorable. Are they not adorable without piercings? It’s important because again they shouldn’t be put through such pain just for an accessory. They should be at least 10 before the child decides if he or she wants to have them done. It’s wrong and whether people like it or not it’s a form of abuse.


Reasons for signing

  • totally agree
  • Theres just so many different reasons . As a mother of 3 i would never put my children through what may only be a quick 2 seconds of pain i will be letting them decide for themselves when they are old enough


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