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To: HM Government

Back Britain’s Coaches

Back Britain’s Coaches

Extend financial support to Coach Operators during this time of restriction and social distancing.

Why is this important?

The coach industry provides over 42,000 jobs and provides £6 billion pounds towards the economy. A 75% reduction in bus passengers and the curtailment of holidays, private hire contract work and other services has left operators without work.

We are asking the government for industry support for the unique position that we are in. We are an industry that supports the education system,support for virtually every passenger emergency (rail replacement/ airline diverts) as well as day excursions and holidays.

Without financial aid from the government, many operators will go out of business. When restrictions are finally lifted, a substantial part of the national transport infrastructure may be lost if operators are not supported.

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Reasons for signing

  • Family own a Coach Company so this would really help!
  • I’m coach driver
  • Former Bennett’s Coaches / NX contractor staff. Current railway replacement service coordinator


2020-05-23 14:57:07 +0100

Yesterday Shearings Coaches and National Holidays went into administration. These are well established national brands. The risk to the coach industry is now critical.

2020-05-13 09:41:30 +0100

Yesterday the Government announced an extension to the current furlough scheme. Whilst this is good news, it is only one part of a much bigger picture. Furlough pays wages, it does not cover standing vehicle costs (finance, insurance, tax, maintenance etc) so operators still have a lot of work to do to survive.

Thank you for your support. Please continue to share and encourage others to sign.

2020-05-11 20:17:06 +0100

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