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To: Transport minister / UK government

Ban cyclists, horses and agricultural machinery from roads over 30mph limit

Ban vehicles incapable of achieving and maintaining the speed limit for roads over 30 mph.

Why is this important?

There is a reason these vehicles (and horses) are not allowed on motorways; they can't achieve or maintain the speed of the flowing traffic and thereby put both themselves and other road users in danger.

All of us who drive have encountered this. 40, 50, 60 and 70 mph roads being turned to chaos by slow moving vehicles or horse riders. They demand (and should get) a wide berth, however it isn't always possible. How many times have you been driving along a country road at 50 to 60 mph and suddenly around a bend you have to brake hard because a group of cyclists are taking up the full width of the road?

Particularly dangerous is the same situation when encountering a horse and rider.. the horse spooks and bucks, the rider loses control and the horse bolts or jumps all over the road.

As for tractors, these are agricultural machinery, designed for driving over fields, not tarmac! They have no suspension other than their tyres and cause untold damage to the roads because of it. Similarly dangerous is when they are towing trailers and loads which should be carried by HGVs with properly qualified drivers and suitable load restraints.

We regularly see trailers full of hay and straw bales being towed along by a tractor with no restraint, no lights, no (or incorrect) number plates often driven by young farmers with no experience of loading or handling heavy vehicles. These things need to be left to professionals.

Our roads and traffic are no longer suitable for these vehicles and poor horses (who are only on those roads because of a rider's own selfish desire to take them there; horses delight in running round fields and eating grass and hay.... How would you feel if someone forced you to do something that terrified you on a daily basis?)

I love animals and I have nothing against tractors or cyclists in their proper place. Their proper place however is NOT on 40 + mph roads!


Reasons for signing

  • And dig up all the rail tracks and tarmac them over!
  • woop woop wooop wooop wooop woop
  • I generally slow down approaching corners in the countryside, just in case there are obstructions round a blind bend. Darren may want to try this, it’s known as defensive driving, you can even go on courses to learn it. Darren might want to consider the effect this will have on the computer st of food that is already slated to rise considerably after the no deal Brexit at the end of the year. Apart from that, top trolling Danza!


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