Ban dog breeding and sale of dogs without a licence

Ban dog breeding and sale of dogs without a licence

Bring in a licence that must be applied for, paid for and an inspection by DEFRA officials carried out before it is granted for individuals to breed dogs. The cost of the licence needs to be of a sufficient value to deter 'backyard breeders'. Also, ban sale of dogs on 'free sites', internet sites and newspapers etc.

Why is this important?

Too many dogs are being indiscriminately bred for profit. This is affecting the health and well-being of the animals being bred as well as contributing massively to the growing number of dogs in shelters. A licence would reduce the puppy farms and backyard breeders after a quick profit that don't know what they are doing and cut corners.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Can’t stand cruelty to any animals
  • It would cut down on unwanted and dumped puppies. And also provide legislation to clamp down on puppy farming and back yard breeders who do not have dog welfare at heart.


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