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To: Doncaster Mayoral candidates - Joan Briggs, Independent Andy Budden, Yorkshire Party Frank Calladine, Independent Warren Draper, Geen Party James Hart, Conservatives Ros Jones, Labour Surjit Duhre, Reform UK

Ban Fire & Rehire in Doncaster

A growing number of companies in the UK are currently engaging in the immoral practice of Fire & Rehire.

Immoral, but not illegal.

As taxpayers, we should have the democratic right to have a say on who tenders for and runs public services including transport and other services historically provided for by local authorities or the state.

Doncaster Peoples Assembly & Doncaster Trades Council believe that any company who have engaged in Fire & Rehire tactics to cut the terms & conditions of its staff should be banned from bidding from any public service contracts.

Local Authorities have it in their gift to ban such companies from bidding for contracts. The newly elected mayor should commit to making this happen in Doncaster.

Why is this important?

Fire & Rehire is a tool to slash terms and conditions of contracted workers and has been used for decades. But there seems to be a growing trend and this is worrying.
No company who have reaped misery and poverty on its employees are deserving of any remuneration from the public purse.

Doncaster, UK

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