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To: Shops

Ban firework sales to the public

Ban firework sales to the public

Ban the sale of all fireworks to the public

Why is this important?

How many children, adults and animals every year are injured by fireworks. How much does it cost our already overstretched NHS? Many animals are hurt and terrified of the noise. No matter how safe people are, accidents happen! Follow Sainsburys and stop selling them to the public.


Reasons for signing

  • Mainly injuries to children and adults who then have to go to an A&E for treatment. The noise of firworks could effect people suffering from PTSD too. Animals are needlessly frightened.
  • I have autism and anxiety and learning difficulties as well as a wheelchair user and have sensory difficulties along with speech problems. I am scared of loud noises. Also I have 4 cats and a dog who's also get scared it's unfair on all pets and everyone with autism anxitey and other disabilities


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