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To: Durham County Council

Ban fox hunting/trail hunting from public land.

Ban fox hunting/trail hunting from public land.

Ban all fox /trail / hound exercise/ hunting on land owned / managed by DCC

Why is this important?

Despite annual correspondence to the three hunts in Co Durham saying no hunting allowed on public land to the three fox hunts in Co Durham hunting continues. On public land and footpath nature reserves , even blocking the entrance to a car park with 4x4’ s. I have witnessed a woman pushing a pushchair with a child in it , through the riders as they waited for hounds to search a small wood for any foxes lurking there. Hunting is a dangerous sport, not just to the hunted animal but to the pedestrian who gets in their way. Hounds have been seen crossing a railway line.
Last season a hunt entered Wingate Nature reserve despite a large orange notice saying dogs must be under control so not to disturb nesting birds.

All of Co Durham.

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