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To: George Eustice MP

Ban Fur Trapping in the UK

Ban Fur Trapping in the UK

Please ban fur trapping in the Uk

Why is this important?

Fur trapping causes agonising deaths for an untold number of animals.
We need to value our wildlife rather than considering these animals to be commodities to be trapped, tortured, skinned and sold.
Individual trappers concentrate their operations in limited geographical areas. They can locally deplete populations of the species they target impairing ecological functioning of the area thus diminishing opportunities for wildlife watching in these areas.

Living in Pembrokeshire National Park I have witnessed intense trapping of foxes in a small geographical area. Its unbelievable that 1 person in my town can cause so much cruelty and suffering killing 300 foxes in 10 weeks! Please watch and share the video links below
Photo credit Craig Jones Wildlife photography
Fur Farming has already been banned in many countries including the UK.
Its now time to stop the cruel trapping of our wildlife and protect the ecological functioning of our countryside.

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