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To: The British Horseracing Authority and Mims Davies - Sports Minister

Ban the Grand National or make it safer

Ban the Grand National or make it safer

Ban the Grand National or make it a lot safer by reducing the sizes of jumps and numbers of horses in the race.

Why is this important?

"Too many horses are being killed or injured." Sylvia Clelland.

More information:
The 2019 Grand National meeting at Aintree racecourse, resulted in the death of three horses including one in the main event of the weekend.

Despite changes being made to the course for safety over the years far too many horses are dying as a result of racing. Twelve horses have died in the showcase race since 2000.

Safety measures could easily be implemented to improve the safety of the Grand National. These include having smaller and fewer fences, fewer participants and a shorter distance.


Reasons for signing

  • because I believe that the grand national should be banned ,because of the amount of deaths it causes to horses ,
  • Because it is cruel abuse of a most noble, beautiful and intelligent being.
  • The fences are HUGH and the ditched far too wide. It is a cruel and unforgiving course that should be altered. There are far too many deaths for this to be called sport and done for our so called pleasure.


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