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To: Greyhound owners

Ban greyhound racing

Ban greyhound racing

Ban the unethical use of greyhounds for racing and being bred for that purpose

Why is this important?

Over many years the league has called for action to tackle the shocking cruelty and abuse in the greyhound racing industry.Time and time again,however,our calls have fallen on death ears.The industry has failed reform itself.Due to the fact far too many greyhounds continue to suffer unnecessaril.We are now calling for a phasing out of a cruel sport,leading to an outright ban.
-Most spend 95% of their time in small kennels with no contact
-Many are neglected,suffering from parasites and poor dental health
-Those housed in pairs are often kept constantly muzzled
-Only the fastest dogs are wanted by the industry and sadly, many dogs never make it past this stage and their fate is unknown.
-more than 1000 were killed in 2017 because they were too I'll or unsuitable for rehoming
-six to twelve thousand puppies need for greyhound racing go missing each year.

Resources took from League of cruel sports.You can help us end this cruelty be signing today.



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