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Ban Helium Balloons

Ban Helium Balloons

Helium balloons used just for fun should be banned.
Balloons are just as much fun if not more so when they are filled with ordinary air. You wouldn't have to hold onto them so tightly, because they come back down again!
Sign my petition to ban the waste of helium gas.

Why is this important?

Helium balloons not only waste the finite sources of Helium gas on Earth, needed for both science and for medicine, but they also cause untold damage to sealife and the environment on our coasts.

McDonalds give out helium balloons with every Happy Meal. Why? Our coasts are being littered with debris not just from these so-called 'Happy Meal' balloons, but also from the plastic parts and the unbreakable ribbons attached to them. All these parts are harming our farm animals, wildlife, birds and sea creatures, and are littering our beaches.

Helium balloons are now so over used they are filled once and quickly discarded. Such a waste of the world's precious helium, a vital resource for both scientists and the medical profession. The plastic balloon and streamer don't go to heaven, they come back down in a field or the sea and harm our wildlife.

Don't throw it away!

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By hand - not by balloon!

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