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To: Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister

Ban Hikvision

Please join the USA in banning Chinese state-owned surveillance companies Hikvision and Dahua from the UK.

The British public should not be watched by advanced CCTV cameras involved in some of the greatest crimes against humanity of our time; nor should UK taxpayers be funding companies responsible for these technology-enabled human rights abuses.

Why is this important?

Chinese state-owned companies Hikvision and Dahua are used to monitor, control and oppress ethnic minorities in China. Their cameras watch over 1 million people held in concentration camps and every corner of the Xinjiang province, with high-tech features such as facial recognition, behavioural analysis and "Uyghur alerts" to flag the province's ethnic minorities to the authorities.

And these surveillance companies are not only spying on ethnic minorities in China - almost all of us in the UK are being watched by Hikvision and Dahua CCTV cameras every day.

Big Brother Watch's investigation has revealed that Hikvision dominates the UK's CCTV networks - over 60% of public bodies, from schools to councils, are using either Hikvision, or to a lesser degree, Dahua cameras. Their intrusive, advanced surveillance capabilities are being quietly normalised in the UK.

That means not only is our privacy and security at risk in an increasingly dystopian surveillance state - but British taxpayers' money is funding companies implicated in genocide and modern slavery in China.

The USA has already banned Hikvision and Dahua. With enough public pressure on the Government, the UK can and should ban Hikvision too. Tell Rishi Sunak to #BanHikvision and #BanDahua now!
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