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To: British parliament

Ban importation of honeybees from Italy

Ban importation of honeybees from Italy

To ban the importation of queens and honeybees from Italy due the presence of Small Hive Beetle.

Why is this important?

As small hive beetle (SHB) is now present in Italy we should ban imports of queens and bees from this country until further notice. If SHB reaches our shores it will be almost impossible to eradicate it. Surely the advent of varroa has taught us that we should strive to keep out other exotic pests from our country. We are an island and we can protect our bees in ways beekeepers on the continent cannot.

Our honeybees are already under stress from varroa. If beekeepers have to contend with another exotic pest many beekeepers will just give up keeping bees. It will be too much effort to deal with another problem. Our honey production will go down and, more importantly, the pollination of crops will be adversely affected.
The beetle eats brood, honey and pollen and destroys combs thereby spoiling the honey. If left unchecked it can multiply to huge numbers in an affected colony.

How it will be delivered

Email the signatures to Downing St.


Reasons for signing

  • Following all the publicity on the plight of the bees re the pesticide problem surely we can ban these imports as the risk of yet another danger to them is not worth taking
  • I am signing this petition to ban imports of bees and queens from Italy.
  • Imports from affected areas are extremely high risk.


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