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To: Councillor Alan Smith

Ban lorries from Honor Oak Road

For the sake of our children’s health, and the safety of residents and families walking to school, we ask Lewisham Council to ban lorries from the entire length of Honor Oak Road. Local authorities have a duty to reduce traffic when a road is being misused.

Why is this important?

1,200 children go to primary school on, or within 150 metres of, Honor Oak Road. This residential road is being misused as a cut through by large, highly polluting vehicles from the South Circular. The walk to school is dangerous and stressful. The pavements are very narrow in places and parents have been hit by the wing mirrors of lorries. Our air quality study found that pollution levels on the pavements outside Fairlawn School breached EU limits for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). Children and the elderly are most vulnerable to high levels of pollution.

How it will be delivered

In person

London Borough of Lewisham

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