To: UK Government

Ban MPs from Holding External Directorships, Consultancies, and Receiving Non-Governmental Payments

We need politicians who are accountable and relaible for their actions. Hiding behind Parliamentary privilege and using instruments like "Blind Funds" to earn untold amounts where they, can, using their position influence and even enhance outcomes. Sunak was a founder investor in Moderna, years before Covid. His involvement is hidden in a blind fund. His wives company Infosis has won 100's of millions of GOVT contracts. No Parliamentarian should be allowed to be compromised or influenced by outside agents or financial inducements  MP's should be representative of the people and be answerable to the people, not some conglomerate, faceless corporation of family interest. 

Why is this important?

Impartiality and parity of decision and representation is a must. Honesty, integrity and upholding of the law is a prerequisite. Being held to account an essential and with real punishment attached, with that we also need reward, and Salaries should be commensurate with teh request for open honest and transparent source of income.