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To: Head of BBC News and Current Affairs. Head of Channel 4 News and Current Affairs

Ban opaquely funded 'Think Tanks' from the BBC

Ban opaquely funded 'Think Tanks' from the BBC

Please ban the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), and similar so called 'Think Tanks', from being given airtime on public service broadcasters, unless they are prepared to clearly declare all of their funding for public scrutiny.

Why is this important?

If Brexit has shown one thing, it is that we need truth and honesty in British political life and national media reporting.
Allowing opaquely funded 'Think Tanks' similar time on air,and equivalence,to well respected politically independent analysts,is a travesty of honest public service broadcasting.

The IEA is an opaquely funded free-market lobbyist organisation with a title that suggests otherwise. It sounds like an open and honest organisation, like the well respected and politically independent Institute for Fiscal Studies; but the IEA is one of the most opaquely funded organisations in Europe,and essentially campaigns for extreme forms of laissez faire economics with complete opposition to state intervention.

The IEA has been caught taking US cash for access to British government ministers

The IEA also has links to climate change denial organisations :

This excellent article from July 2018 by George Monbiot really does summarise why this petition is necessary in the fight for truth and honesty in both politics and the media:


Reasons for signing

  • The BBC is not always a paragon. However better than 'informed 'statements the from the ERG's, et al.
  • dark money and its close bosom friend neoliberal economics are blight on society and the world in which we live . secret funding of politics is an extremely dubious way of subscribing to democracy and needs to be called out. Knowledge is power. The IEA needs to be exposed
  • Fed up of current media where one lot of lies is countered with an opposite set of lies. We must be made aware when apparent experts have hidden motives.


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Thank you for taking the trouble to sign my petition regarding opaquely funded Think Tanks being given airtime by public service broadcasters.

This excellent article from July 2018 by George Monbiot brings further clarity as to why this petition is important :

If you can assist by spreading details of my petition by social media,I would be most grateful.
Thank you.
Stephen Parkinson

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