To: UK Government

Ban Rodent Glue Traps.

Ban Rodent Glue Traps.

We are asking the UK Government to ban the sell of rodent glue traps.

Why is this important?

These traps are used to trap rodents (mice, rats shrews etc) by pretending to be a food source, but actually are a very sticky surface. The rodent becomes stuck to the surface of the trap and looks forward to a long slow death from starvation. Recently birds of prey such as owls have tried to feed on the trapped rodents and have become stuck themselves and die the same prolonged death from starvation.

We are seeking a ban on the sale and use of these inhumane, Indiscriminate traps, to reduce animal suffering.


Reasons for signing

  • Its a terrible slow death, they can pull their legs and paws off trying to escape.
  • Cats and birds as well as rodents can be caught in these traps that cause intense suffering.
  • There are humane ways to keep pests under control. But glue traps are just plain torture and cruel! They should be banned!


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