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To: DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs), David Rutley MP

UK: Ban retailers from sending clothes to landfill

UK: Ban retailers from sending clothes to landfill

France has a new policy of banning the disposal of un-sold or excess clothing to landfills. I think the UK should do the same and ban clothing disposal by retailers to force more of it to be recycled or donated to charities worldwide.

Why is this important?

We all should be aware of the threat of global warming, and how it is rapidly affecting life on Earth. Much has already been done to ensure more sustainability in our daily activities, however, there is so much more that can be improved still!

Whether a landfill is filled with general household rubbish like food waste and un-recyclable plastics, it is forgotten that this also includes excess clothing produced by a vast fashion retail industry. An estimated 300,000 tons of clothes are sent to landfills in the UK annually!

Imagine how many refugees, homeless people and people living in poverty all over the world could benefit from more clothing being donated to charities! With the added bonus of reducing carbon emissions where the clothes would have been burned!

Let's follow France's example and make our retail industry more eco-friendly and sustainable!



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