To: The Government. Housing organisations

Ban The Guarantor Requirement for qualifying Renters for people who can and do pay their rent

Within the current climate, many people who normally pay their rent every month and are good tenants, are being given a Section 21 Eviction notice from Landlords selling properties. In order to rent a new property it is a requirement to have a Guarantor or be earning £20k plus per annum. This isn't possible for many people, who don't have someone to act as Guarantor or earn less. In my circumstances I'm 56 and have no immediate family or partner to provide this. There are many people with other circumstances meaning they can't provide a guarantor but know they will pay rent on time and won't let a Landlord down. There are at least 40 people looking at one property to rent, even on social housing. There should be affordable housing for everyone including those on benefits and this should be a priority.This needs to happen.

Why is this important?

This seems to be a huge problem at the moment for people of all walks of life. If you join this campaign and sign the petition we could together make a change so people can more easily find a home to live in. The more people who sign, the better..Especially if they are being forced to, as I and many others are right now. Sign this petition to get the Government to change this awful and unattainable for some, requirement for a Guarantor and upfront costs, which we don't all have, in order to have a roof over our heads.
People are being forced to find new homes in too short a space of time ordered out in 2 months time by our Landlords..and fighting for homes to rent with hundreds or more of other people in a 'comperition'. Let's get this changed.