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To: Governments and providers of social media

Ban the sale of animals on social media

Ban the sale of animals on social media

Make it impossible for people to sell animals through social media

Why is this important?

Animals are not commodities to be used to 'make an extra bit on the side'

Selling animals in this way encourages impulse and casual purchases. Checks are not necessarily made on potential owners meaning animals can be subjected to inappropriate ownership or unsuitable conditions for their needs.

Social media provides disreputable breeders with a means to reach the wider public who may not be informed or aware of the risk involved.

There is no justifiable reason to sell an animal on social media. Rescue centres exist for the very purpose of helping people re-home unwanted pets or surprise litters. Professional breeders can sell through official websites.

Please sign this petition to try and stop animals being sold in this casual and dangerous way.

Thank you



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