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To: Food Standards Agency

Ban the use of E120/Carmine made from killing millions of beetles in UK foods

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Bhavin Purohit
Ban the use of E120/Carmine made from killing millions of beetles in UK foods

It is nearly 2022. Amongst other things, we now live in a country that has substantial plant based options in replacement of options where any form of living thing is harmed. As a vegetarian, it has saddened me that i have unknowingly consuming something that is against my beliefs.

E120, also known as carmine is a dye made from killing billions of beetles for the sake of red M&Ms, smarties, lipsticks, powder etc. Anything that is produced using carmine unsuitable for those of a vegan, vegetarian, halal or kosher diet.

I implore the Food Standards Agency and all in power who can make the change to BAN the use of E120/Carmine in anything that can be consumed i.e drinks, food, sweets, chocolate etc. There are plenty of alternatives that can be used to produce a red colour rather than using something made from BILLIONS of crushed beetles.

There are plenty of synthetic options that can be used to produce a red colouring, without having to needlessly harm a living thing.

Please make this change happen.


Why is this important?

It is completely unnecessary for this dye to be used in food, drinks, chocolates where a more humane alternative is readily available. In regards to RED chocolate shells where this is commonly used, it is probably best to omit said colour, rendering the chocolates vegetarian and also avoid parents/children mistakenly consuming these unwittingly.

How it will be delivered

Once significant signatures received, I will e-mail as a PDF format to the F.S.A, along with anyone whose relevancy can help push forward this change!

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