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Ban toxic antifreeze in cars

Ban toxic antifreeze in cars

Ban toxic antifreeze in vehicles and replace with non toxic alternatives

Why is this important?

Common antifreeze in vehicles is a chemical called Ethylene glycol. This chemical when ingested can be fatal to humans and pets alike. The sweet tasting liquid which many animals like the taste of it. The Antifreeze causes crystals to form in the blood stream that are nn soluble at body temperature causing fatal kidney and brain damage and an agonising death. To witness a pet suffering is very distressing. Whether improper disposal, leaking systems or deliberate acts to harm animals, once the Ethylene glycol is consumed there is very little can be done to save the affected animal.

I have lost 4 cats in the last 4 years to antifreeze poisoning. With non toxic alternatives available, some of which are maintenance free , much suffering can be avoided, and subsequent servicing costs will be lower. With waterless systems corrosion in the cooling system is virtually illuminated and the life of internal components is extended which is an added bonus.

Please sign this Petition to end the chance of harm and suffering to animals, both wildlife and pets

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