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To: Scottish Government

Ban Trump from Scotland

Ban Trump from Scotland

Please stop Donald Trump from entering Scotland and let’s work towards putting an end to all his business here. By refusing entry to Scotland, we make a clear statement to the world that we do not tolerate Donald Trump Snr’s immoral behaviour.

Why is this important?

There is much evidence to support the immoral character of Donald Trump Snr. This petition is in reaction to recent events, Wed 6th January 2021, when Trump supporters stormed their Capitol in terrorist fashion, which resulted in 5 deaths so far. Among the rioters were Trumps Far Right, White Supremacist, Fascist followers, who were incited and encouraged to carry out their attack by Trump and many of his political allies. We should not house a man who stands for, supports, compliments and encourages those whose far right beliefs and actions are unlawful.

Scotland, UK

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