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To: Professor Graham Upton, Vice Chancellor of Bangor University

Bangor University - protect our pensions

We call on Bangor University to drop the plans to attack the BUPAS pension scheme of support staff. The unions have put forward alternative proposals which have been ignored. These counter-proposals are reasonable and achievable. Now is the time to listen to University staff and their trade unions.

Why is this important?

It is grossly unfair of Bangor University to attack the pensions of their lowest paid staff, particularly as their scheme - BUPAS - is running at a surplus. University support staff are the lowest paid in their sector. They provide services such as cleaning, security, maintenance and catering - low paid work which is vital for the smooth running of Bangor University. Their academic colleagues took action to protect their pensions - and successfully fought off the attacks. All Bangor University staff deserve a fair pension which gives them dignity in retirement, not pension poverty.

Bangor University, Bangor

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