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To: Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport


Give Cornish language and culture the equal status, recognition, respect and prominence in public service broadcasting that it deserves.

We believe the Cornish should have equal status with the other indigenous languages and cultures of Britain.

We want Cornish Public Service Media provision to sit in it's rightful place alongside BBC Cymru and BBC Alba on the BBC iPlayer.

We want appropriate commissioning and editorial processes to be established to develop and grow Cornish language and cultural programming.

Why is this important?

Every culture should have their own voice represented in the world's media, particularly in public service broadcasting.

In 2003 the Cornish language (Kernewek) received official recognition under the European Charter for the Protection of Regional or Minority Languages.

In 2014 the Cornish were granted protected national minority status under the Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.

This means the Cornish have the same recognition as the Welsh, Scots and Northern Irish.

For more information about this campaign see:
Kas Rag Media Gonis Poblek Kernewek Derivas Berrskrif | A Case for Cornish Public Service Media Summary Report. Published March 2020.

Ragdres Hwithrans Darlesor Gonis Poblek Kernewek Agwedh Onan – Studhyans Arhwilas Derivas | Cornish Public Service Broadcaster Research Project Phase 1 – Scoping Study Report. Published July 2019.

Cornwall Council's BBC Charter Review Consultation Response from the Members Working Group on Cornish Minority Status here / Gwel an Konsel Kernow Keskussulyans Daswel Chartour an Kortyb Gorthyp dhyworth Bagas Oberi an Eseli war Savla Minoryta Kernewek omma:

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Please sign this petition to pledge your support for the establishment of a Cornish Public Service Media

How it will be delivered

This case for a Cornish Public Service Media will be presented to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and to the BBC Board.

Cornwall, UK

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For a taste of Cornish language and cultural content...

Tyskennow Kernow yw arethva nowydh rag fylmow ha towlennow gwrys yn Kernow po a-dro dhe Gernow ha'n taves Kernewek.
Tyskennow Kernow is a new platform for films and programmes made in and about Cornwall and the Cornish language.

Gwrys yn keresedhek gans gwrioryon-fylm gevos.
Lovingly crafted by contemporary filmmakers.

Kuntellys a hen govskrifyow.
Plucked from ancient archive annals.

Unys wor'tiwedh rag agas didhan, adhyskans hag awen.
United at last for your enjoyment, enlightenment and inspiration.

2020-04-02 12:06:34 +0100

In February 2020, with backing from the Cornwall Council Culture Team and CIOS LEP, Screen Cornwall commissioned a short summary report to convey the innovative, forward looking aims of a Cornish Public Service Broadcaster – an advocacy document to support the campaign for developing this necessary service.
Links to both the original full research report and recent shorter summary document are available here:

2020-04-02 12:00:02 +0100

**Ragdres Hwithrans Darlesor Gonis Poblek Kernewek Agwedh Onan – Studhyans Arhwilas Derivas. | Cornish Public Service Broadcaster Research Project Phase 1 – Scoping Study Report.**

‘New Frontiers’, Cornwall Council and its strategic partners’ agenda for devolution and development, seeks to achieve a public service broadcaster for Cornwall. Cornwall Council commissioned a scoping study to research models for regional public service broadcasters in the digital age, the potential economic and cultural benefits to Cornwall, existing capacity in Cornwall and a potential development path. The scoping study was completed in July 2019 and is published here:

2018-03-21 10:07:57 +0000

On 17.03.18 I gave a presentation about BBC Kernow to the Cornish Constitutional Convention. A recording of the presentation and ensuing discussion, exploring how to progress BBC Kernow / TV Kernow and what we mean by 'Cornish culture' can be listened to here:

2017-03-19 11:46:01 +0000



2017-03-19 11:45:52 +0000


Relating to 'Access to and Presence in the Media', the report makes the recommendation that:
*96. The authorities should take resolute action to ensure that revision of the BBC Charter improves access to the media for persons belonging to national and ethnic minorities, increases funding, ensures a variety of programmes in minority languages, in particular the Irish language, involves minorities in their production and introduces BBC support for the Cornish language.*

2017-03-19 11:42:05 +0000


Published on 27/02/17 a Council of Europe report offers the opinion of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.

One of four recommendations to the UK Government for immediate action is:
*Take all necessary steps to ensure access to the linguistic and cultural rights provided by
the Framework Convention to the Cornish minority, in particular by reconsidering the
decision to cut all funding for the Cornish language in view of the disproportionate impact
such a measure will have on the delicate process of revitalising a minority language when
access to other public financial resources is limited.*


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This is a 20 minute read. A long post explainging in depth The Reason Why

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The Cornishman have posted a video of me explaining a bit more detail about the reasons why I think BBC Kernow should exist and why now is the time to make it happen.

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Interesting mix of comments on The Cornishman facebook post from their article about hte petition today

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