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To: Parliament

Beechholme Childrens Home

Beechholme Childrens Home

Hold public inquiry into its historic sexual abuse & torture of innocent Children a voice for those whom took their own lives because of the abuse suffered, 44 years since it closed yet not one inquiry councils not even forwarding their care records to this very day!

Why is this important?

For peace of mind & closure

Beecholme Belles Banstead, Osier Way, Banstead, Surrey

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Reasons for signing

  • Because I was raped by a policeman when I was 5 the police covered up for him he went on to rape and molest 4 other children 20+years later before he got 7 years for all crimes heโ€™s free now
  • Major impact on my emotions for these such mis fortunate individuals, & nothing surprises me with the local council with holding information, it's utter discusting & I wish these ppl fighting for their welfare very much the best of success, this story resonates so close to my heart: good luck all involved ๐Ÿ˜”
  • Because what happen to my brother inlaw


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