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To: Woodland trust, Thurrock, essex and havering councils

Belhus chase accessibility problems

Either make access through belhus chase wheelchair and scooter accessible, as the supposed wheelchair gate is already there but not useable due to no path in the gate area and has been like it about 20yrs and that definitely isn't accessible for an elderly person on a scooter. so a different gate with maybe a key available only through the councils upon proof of disability or age or put a footpath in from aveley to belhus Woods country park by the road so wheelchair users and the elderly don't have to be in the road risking their lives to get to belhus woods country park.

Why is this important?

By not having disabled access from aveley though belhus chase run by woodland trust, disabled and elderly people are forced to risk their lives by going in fast driven country roads in wheelchairs or scooters to be able to walk their dogs or to just visit the country park. Just this week an elderly woman with her dog was almost hit.



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