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To: Local politicians

Better Broadband for Ballyroney

Contact BT and demand that the rural community of Ballyroney gets access to full fibre broadband.

Why is this important?

In the last 2 months, since 'Corona virus Lockdown' began, it has become apparent that broadband provision in the Ballyroney area is extremely poor. Ballyroney is a rural area. Broadband speed is low (often less than 2 Mb/s). Home working is difficult, local businesses have difficulty operating, children have difficulty accessing online learning and people have difficulty accessing online services such as shopping, banking and streaming services.

How it will be delivered

A list of signatures and comments will be presented to local politicians who have agreed to approach BT on our behalf.

Ballyroney Rd, Ballyroney, Banbridge BT32 5EX, UK

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