To: Stagecoach Buses

Better bus services between Stocksbridge and Sheffield

Better bus services between Stocksbridge and Sheffield

Increase bus service times from one an hour to more frequent.

Why is this important?

We have a lack of service through our villages, Oughtibridge and Worrall. From the floods in 2007 services have been reduced. We were left with one bus every half hour but this has been reduced to one an hour. We have an elderly population who rely on bus services. Oughtibridge and Worrall are isolated villages with limited facilities so regular services to access out of area are essential.


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Reasons for signing

  • I AGREE !!!!!.
  • If one bus is missing as has happened in the past, then we would a have a two hour gap. Also, single decker buses are not adequate at busy times. Go to area such as Bents Green and Fulwood and there's buses every ten or fifteen minutes. This recent change to the number 57 bus time table has not been thought through very well.


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