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Better community mental health services for brain injuries

Better community mental health services for brain injuries

Give those with brain injuries access to the the specialist Neuro psychiatrist and Neuro Psychology services for their lifetimes not just whilst they are inpatients

Give them there own classification as a specialist part of the NHS

Why is this important?

My husband has a brain injury. He has changes to his whole life. It can make him moody , volatile , depressed even agressive. He also suffered badly from severe side effects from his epilepsy medication. This gave an incorrect assessment as when he came off it he improved.

Not many people realize but once you have a brain injury you are classed under mental health.
There is no access to regular mental health services as you are rejected because you have a brain injury so it's specialized. You can't go back to the Neuro services because you are no longer acute.
There is a false idea that everyone will get compensation because it's usually been an accident.
Not if it's been a bleed or a fall of nobodies fault.
We have stroke services but not the services for brain injuries.

My husband couldn't get a new report. He couldn't get an outpatient appointment with a Neuro psychologist or even a psychologist. He snapped . He ended up out of city a brain injury unit in a medium secure hospital as there where no beds. It hasnt helped ,it's been horrible and now He faces being placed in some kind of home. Of which there are few. Often brain injuries are placed with sever dementia patients even if their cognitive abilities are fairly good.
It's a national disgrace. Until this happened he took part in regular community groups with support from a PA. Gained an NVQ. Now he faces being shut away he's not over 65. How many others are there?