To: The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Better perspex screens and social distancing in retail outlets.

Better perspex screens and social distancing in retail outlets.

I work on a manned checkout at a supermarket, the perspex screen is not long enough. I would not be surprised if it was only 1 metre across. Customers are able to load shopping within one metre of where I am sat, without any screen between me and them. Sometimes they are able to place their shopping, within just a few centimetres of were I am sat. On the other side customers stand next to the end of the screen and pack their shopping, just flick their arm round the end of the screen and scan their cards. I see many of these size screens on other manned checkouts in other supermarkets the area. These screens need to be longer and curved. As highlighted in a Radio 2 programme on the 28th of April 2020 many supermarket employees consider the lack of enforcement of social distancing on the aisles in supermarkets a problem, their needs to be independent enforcement of social distancing inside the supermarkets (independent from the supermarket), ready to enforce social distancing and fine customers who are too abusive or threatening toward a member of supermarket staff, if that member of staff has asked them to move. The areas deemed self service checkouts for baskets only, need to have two thirds of these checkouts closed, thus helping to ensure social distancing, when moving through this area and if a colleague has to help a customer by accessing the machine. I do not want to be considered a victim anymore and want to take a stand.

Why is this important?

Supermarket staff are on the front line, we like everyone else have a right to feel safe in our place of work. Just like some of our customers have a right to feel safe and not bullied by impatient customers.

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