To: Rt Hon Mark Pritchard MP. Mr John Campion Police & Crime Commissioner

Better policing for Newport Shropshire

Better policing for Newport Shropshire

We call upon you to represent us to get a larger police presence for our growing town and public usage of the local Fire Station as a public contact office. Newport is expanding fast and we need our policing to keep pace with that growth. No more cuts!

Why is this important?

Our population has grown year on year due to housing development and our policing has dropped from double figure and a police station to one PC covering 52 square miles and no police station. This puts our town at risk.

How it will be delivered

By email but in a blaze of publicity!

Newport Shropshire

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Reasons for signing

  • We in Newport are feeling the effect of 7 years of continuous cuts to the policing budget. The town is growing, but resources are visibly less than they were.
  • Newport is a growing town with a declining police service....clearly that doesn't make sense and leaves it open to crime.
  • used to live here, still visit, don't want to see the town let down by services like the police!


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