• The Future of the Isabel Blackman Centre in Hastings Old Town
    We need your support to save this vital community asset. Age UK East Sussex have been working with the Hastings & St Leonards Seniors Forum, Hastings Voluntary Action, Sussex Community Development Association and Hastings Old Town Residents Association to examine a future for the Isabel Blackman Centre which was closed in March 2019. In partnership, we have launched a petition asking East Sussex County Council to engage with the voluntary sector about the building’s future or, if the building is sold, “ring-fence” the capital receipt to benefit older people in Hastings. You can view and sign the petition here:- https://democracy.eastsussex.gov.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx?id=500000027&TPID=503118186&$LO$=1 The Isabel Blackman Centre has been a vital community asset for older people in Hastings for many years. It needs to be sold off to the voluntary sector and reopened as a community hub and main resource for local older people.
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  • Keep texts on BBC Red Button
    It is a quick and easy way to find information for those without computers / smartphones without trawling though programmes. My elderly Mum uses it for weather forecasts in text form to decide about her day's activities. I find the news-bites useful and the travel information is in one place (London's roads and rails) with simple accessible 24/7 weather forecasts in 3 hour slots. Its virtue is its simplicity and access, and it comes at no extra cost.
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  • Save Claines 37 Bus Service
    Public transport is already very limited in Claines. There is no Sunday service and no evening service A large amount of retired residents live in the ward and frequently use the service. If taken away, many residents will be unable to undertake regular, routine trips. Shops, services, GPs, dentists, events, friends and family will all become inaccessible . Many young families also live in the ward. Parents with prams, pushchairs and buggies and no access to a car will struggle. Residents with reduced mobility and no car will be unable to access the minimal and unreliable other services servicing the main roads only.
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  • Keep the MIB cafe open
    The 'Interface Cafe' is just that - it brings together the MIB's interdisciplinary researchers, academics, PhD students and PS staff and helps foster the building's sense of community. Whether it is quick catch-ups whilst waiting for coffee, or scientific discussions over lunch, these impromptu meetings will simply not happen without the Cafe. It also plays a key role as a social, yet confidential, meeting venue with industrial partners. 'Industrial Biotechnology' is one of the University's Research Beacons. To focus exclusively on the short-term financials is to understate the Cafe's importance to the MIB, and its position as one of the World's leading biotechnology institutes.
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  • Save Foley House Children's Centre
    We'll let the service users explain in their own words... 'Someone got in touch with me regarding the cuts to Newmarket's Children's Centre. People are way more switched on than the Tories take them for. They see through the double speak. I've taken out the name. If this brave individual wants to come forward I'm leaving it up to her. 'With regards to Foley House being part time and how it will affect people locally , the childrens centre is a life line for new isolated mums! It is chance to meet new people in the same boat as you when you are all of a sudden stuck at home with a newborn. I have used their groups the past 2.5 years with my daughter all of their groups and classes seem popular such as wiggle and jiggle and infant massage. If anything they should be offering more groups and classes for people to attend. The help and support is there all week, they welcome new mums to breastfeed, bottle feed and change their babies at foley house if they are in town. This ican be quite important for new breastfeeding mums as it can be quite a daunting prospect feeding in public early on. Also their groups are all free, there are other baby toddler groups in town but not all mums on maternity pay and low income families can afford the going rate of £5 per group (without paying for siblings!) 3, 4 or 5 days a week. Im not sure what the 'revamp' means but i can only presume part time means a cut in support for mums, families and their children and a cut in what foley house has to offer as a whole! Fair enough there are other childrens centres in red lodge and mildenhall but not everybody drives or can attend centres further afield.' ''When I was pregnant with my first child I didn't know anyone in Newmarket and I really wanted to meet other mums and learn more about babies and parenting. I went with my husband to Foley House to sign up and that's how it all started. I have attended so many different groups, classes over the years..from baby sensory to potty training sessions, toddlers groups, weaning, breastfeeding, almost anything that was offered. I have met many mums that some of them are now my best friends. In a short time I went from not knowing much about pregnancy, babies and not knowing anyone here to then having so much support and many great friends. It felt great, I was doing groups every day, seeing people every day. Sometimes people on maternity leave say they feel lonely and don't know who to ask for help and staying home with small babies can sometimes be very isolating - that's why having a place like Foley house is so, so important! This is definitely not the area where the money should be cut and rather where it should be invested even more. Parents who have more support are I believe happier and will be able to raise their children in a calmer and more educated way. This is investing in our future. I do hope that the cuts won't affect the Foley house as they are really providing a great support for local families.'
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  • HOOTAM (Hands Off Our Theatres and Museum)
    We are concerned that the people of Worthing will no longer have control of what happens to our Theatres and Museum. To ensure they stay in safe hands, we are calling for pause in the process to gather all the information and a cross party working group that includes Local Arts Groups, Theatre and Museum Users and Staff Trade Union Representatives.
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  • Save Our Day Centre in Norfolk
    The staff recently have had to turn away 9 new referrals due to the closure so there is potential money still to be made. The Local Government should be investing in these day centres not closing them. I would have thought that we should be helping people remain in their own homes and support family carers who need that respite. The Swallows Day Centre provides a home from home and the difference between The Swallows and most other day centres is that the centre takes on clients with extra needs such as people that need feeding etc. For anyone moving from The Swallows with certain needs they will need to travel a distance to find an alternative day centre. Why then is this not an important issue! I would be happy to talk about how it is affecting my family too. Please help!
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  • Save The NHS Health & Wellbeing Recovery College
    The lack of resources to support people who become mentally unwell is leaving people in a grey area. If they're too unwell to work, but not unwell enough for admission to a psychiatric ward, they often can't get the support they need. The NHS Health and Wellbeing Recovery College is a groundbreaking mental health recovery college where people experiencing mental health issues can receive non-clinical, educational support to self-manage their recovery. Since opening, the college has supported over 1200 students in learning resilience and self-management, so they can take control of their own recovery. And it works - students who attend the college are much less likely to be re-admitted to secondary care. But now, Pennine Care Foundation Trust have announced that they can no longer fund the college. They’ve asked the 5 Boroughs Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to fund it, but they have said no. Without funding, the college will have to close. On the 31st of July 2019 there's a public meeting with the CCGs to discuss the fate of the college, and we - the students from the recovery college - need as many people as possible to sign our petition before then. Together we can make sure this vital recovery college stays open.
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  • Save Southfields and Wyatt House
    The proposed closure of Southfield and Wyatt house nursing homes means uprooting 56 elderly and vulnerable adults, many of whom have dementia, and moving them to whatever vacancies are available in nursing homes in Gloucestershire. It also means a reduction of nursing home beds for older adults in Stroud by 64. The county council’s cabinet will determine whether to close the two care homes at a meeting on July 24, so we don't have long. If the plans go ahead residents will be forced to move out by Christmas. Closing two of the town’s care homes at the same time means it will lose over 60 rooms and will likely lead to more people being housed further afield and further from loved ones.
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  • Safe Acorn's Children's Hospice
    A hospice gives treatment no other place can do I lost my wife who sadly died in a hospice but she was happy there and came to terms of what was going to happen to her it was a pleasant place for her to go and would defend it if I had to if it was going to close.
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  • Save West Lothian Leisure Services
    Staff within West Lothian Leisure play a vital role in our local communities. They help people of various ages and circumstances and provide them with routes to mental and physical wellbeing. Trust staff help people engage and be involved, whether that is having a health check, going for a swim, taking a walk, joining a gym, providing outdoor leisure services or culture and arts. It is crucial to recognise the role that public leisure and culture plays in improving the health and wellbeing of people in their local communities, delivering a wide range of vital community services. What do these proposals mean for West Lothian Leisure (WLL)? The Board of West Lothian Leisure (WLL) has approved a three year plan which has been supported by West Lothian Council (WLC). This plan identifies a number of savings across the organisation. Essentially the services will be severely reduced and people will lose their jobs! - Staffing reduction of 59.48(FTE - Full Time Equivalents) across the business. - Removal of residential element at Low Port Centre. - Changes to programming and delivery at Low Port Centre. - Changes to programming and opening hours in the Community Schools. - Changes to administration roles at Community Schools - Changes to opening hours at Howden Park Centre. - Changes to catering arrangements at Howden Park Centre. - Changes to opening hours across Leisure Centres. - Changes to programming in Leisure Centres.
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  • Save Care Homes & Day Centres in Rhondda Cynon Taf
    SCHAC (Save Care Homes And Centres) RCT Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) Council are proposing to close many of their 11 residential care homes and their 5 ‘day centres’. We believe these proposals are not a ‘modernisation’ as they are described by RCT but an attempt to reduce costs to, in their words “... deliver care services more efficiently to maximise the benefits and manage cost pressures.”. We do not believe that ‘extra care’ sheltered housing is an acceptable alternative for people who are assessed as requiring residential care. In closing council owned and run residential homes, RCT are pushing people into the increasingly financially insecure private sector. Our SCHAC response to the RCT proposals can be read here: https://schac-rct.blogspot.com/2019/04/schac-save-care-homes-and-centres.html?view=magazine And RCT proposals here: https://www.rctcbc.gov.uk/EN/GetInvolved/Consultations/CurrentConsultations/CurrentConsultations.aspx We request that RCT: End the paragraph 6.14 restrictions on entry to residential care immediately Not one closure - keep all 11 residential care homes and the 5 day centres open Refurbish all 11 residential care homes to highest legal and care quality standards Give priority consideration to RCT owned residential care homes and day centres in the allocation of funding support following an assessment We propose that RCT think through again what they are proposing in relation to day centres, provide details of organisational structures, aims, strategies and a detailed operational plan then issue a new statement and start the consultations again. Open the books - RCT to disclose how the closure proposals will cut its annual spending on adult care both in terms of revenue and capital spending, together with comprehensive details about how these amounts were arrived at. RCT should defend and speak out for the older people of RCT and prioritise council owned provision. RCT should directly request that the Assembly and UK government provide the financial support needed to provide improved provision of adult care and supported housing without making cuts or privatisation - the money was found for the banks, it can be found for our older people who need care and support.
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