I see on your website that you are closing our local branch Glynnneath in Feb next year. It also says that the next available bank is in Swansea 16.4miles away ......... or Measteg 9.6miles away. If you are working on these calculations, THEY ARE WRONG. IT STATES ON YOUR WEBSITE THAT OUR BRANCH IS IN NEATH AGAIN, WRONG!!! IT IS IN GLYNNEATH - over 10miles further up The Valley than NEATH. Swansea is 21miles away or 3hr round trip by bus Maesteg is 24.1 miles or a 5hr 30mins round trip by bus !! This is without waiting around for a bus to arrive. The population of our village/small town is nearly 4,300. It has a very large quota of elderly people. They do not have the ability to travel even the shortest of those choices. Most do not possess the ability to use your online facilities. They find this action of closure totally dicscriminatory against the elderly and those with mobility issues. An absolute betrayal of their loyalty to you over many years. Many do not have children living near to be able to help. This bank has been the mainstay of this village. You are the only bank of any kind left with 11miles of our village. I therefore urge you please reconsider this action. I understand that financial decisions have to be made, but, there are also moral issues here. The people of Glynneath have supported your bank for decades and feel totally abandoned at this decision. Hopefully now, you are more aware of the huge impact your decision will have on our community. Please would you reconsider your decision.
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  • Save Stockport's Historic Central Library
    The Stockport Central Library was built in 1913, using money provided by an American philanthropist called Andrew Carnegie who gave £15,000 to build a central library and a branch library elsewhere in the town of Stockport. He paid for the erection of over 600 libraries in Britain and over 2000 in America. Carnegie had a lifelong passion for books and reading and he was a savvy businessman. He donated the money and required communities to adhere to the Carnegie formula, a 6-step plan to ensure the community would support the library (by providing the site, paying staff, and using public funds to run it), and the library would in return support the community (by providing free service to all). The building is Grade 2 listed for the following reasons https://interactive.stockport.gov.uk/shed/Search/ViewDetails/473%20LocallyListed It is recognised by Historic England as a listed library of the North. https://heritagecalling.com/2017/10/17/listed-libraries-of-the-north/ Central library hosts a reference library, a lending library and a local history library and it is still in it’s original home, purpose built for the town. Stockport Council is consulting on moving the library to the now empty Argos unit in Merseyway; the idea being that the facilities will be more accessible to people in the shopping centre. They claim that this new location will be closer to transport links and that in its new location, people can drop in to borrow books, and use computers etc. However the council also hopes to rebuild the bus station and remodel the train station; the two will be linked by a bridge. The current building sits in the middle of the two and therefore is in a good place for the future. The council bought Merseyway several years ago for an undisclosed sum, but unfortunately there appears to be more and more shop closures. Transferring an established central library from its purpose built home is not the answer. The Argos unit is certainly not big enough to accommodate the services in the library and there is uncertainty about the local history section that has been carefully built up by people working in the library throughout the years. The information provided by the council in their consultation does not say if library staff will keep their jobs. Nor does it say what will happen to the building. The situation is presented as if the decision has already been made. The heritage of Stockport is its unique selling point, but over the years successive councils have had a complete disregard for its history and have demolished magnificent buildings or have built modern buildings that take away from the beauty of those remaining. Unfortunately this continues in the name of progress. Recent financial cuts have been made to borough library services and more are expected. The plan to move the library could be seen as a way of slashing funds, wrapped up as positive changes. However once the central library is lost, there is no going back. If the council is keen for more people to use the library, they should be promoting the significance of the library and the services that the people of Stockport already possess, not cutting them to the bone and pretending that it is an improvement. The idea that better services can be run for less money has been used too often and it simply is not true. The central library building was paid for and built as a free library for the people of Stockport and it should remain intact. Removal of the library facilities from the building is an act of vandalism. To shut the building and sell or develop it for another use that prevents the people of Stockport using the building is theft. The closure and transfer of the library to Merseyway should not go ahead. Deborah Hind John Pearson Joint Secretaries on behalf of Stockport United Against Austerity Note : image used by kind permission of Alastair Coey Architects
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  • Save G15 youth project
    ⚠️⚠️ G15 YOUTH PROJECT UNDER THREAT OF CLOSURE ⚠️⚠️ ⚠️⚠️ 50% cut in funding ⚠️⚠️ Dear parents of G15 Youth Project Members Due to recommendations from Glasgow city council Glasgow community fund future funding, G15 youth project is set to receive 50% reduction in our funding. This decision will have a devastating impact on the future of the project and the support to local young people of which your son or daughter maybe a member. G15 is also the lead support for Drumchapel D60 which hosted all your community events like D in the park, Halloween in the hills and Winter wonderland/Free Santa’s Grotto that we organise each year. G15 youth project is in danger of closure due to this decision and we need your voice and support to express your value of the service and to help save G15 Youth Project. This can be done by writing or contacting your local elected members MP and MSP expressing your concern. (please see their email contacts below) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] We have always appreciated your support and would welcome your voice in this difficult situation. WORKING TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE
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  • Save West Denton swimming pool
    Many people rely on this pool to stay fit and healthy, many have no transport to get to a pool in another area. Children rely on learning a valuable life skill with swimming, I pay for my son to learn how to swim, the other areas are fully booked so he just has to do without this skill. We need the council to listen, more and more houses are being built and more and more facilities are being removed. Stop the closure of West Denton pool, the council have an obligation to keep this open one way or another.
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  • Keep TV licence free for over 75's
    Due to high levels of ill health and disability, people over 75 can become isolated and dependent on their TV for companionship, entertainment, news and information which in turn can aid their mental health
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  • SAVE our local Radio Presenter Dicky Dodd from Axe
    He is a Wolverhampton Born and Bred. He truly understands Wolverhampton and promotes it at every opportunity. Signal 107 is a local radio Station in Wolverhampton. Listen to there listeners.
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  • Coronavirus: Workers to pay tax on tests by their employer
    Hi Folks, hope your safe and well. My daughter is a carer in an old folks home in Edinburgh. Prior to the pandemic she was classed a low paid low skilled worker now she finds she's a high skilled low paid worker. The care home manager is extremely competent in all staff have temperature checks on arrival, showers and regular testing at a covid station, there has been no cases of any staff or residents being infected. Now we are being told that testing employees is taxable because it's a PERK so you get taxed on every test that the employer pays for. The Health & Safety at Work Act states that all employers have a duty of care to all employees , this means in my eyes this is part of your working conditions and must be paid for by there employers or the government.
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  • Save our Camden Canal Bins!
    Protecting the canal
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  • Properly fund our local councils
    People left sleeping on the streets. Elderly people stuck without the care they need. Children with no local library or youth club. Our councils are being pushed to the brink because of years and years of government funding cuts. The new government has said time and time again that austerity is over. That they’re injecting cash across the country. But so far, they aren’t putting their money where their mouth is. The new Chancellor Rishi Sunak has got just a few weeks to write his first ever budget. A huge petition, signed by hundreds and thousands of members of the public, telling him to properly fund our councils will show him council funding has to be at the top of his agenda.
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  • Save Boltons Community meals service (save Bolton meals on wheels)
    The community meals service is the only thing standing between vulnerable elderly people and death from starvation and dehydration. The in- house community meals service is a fair local employer for local people.
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  • save Kilbowie
    When the governments and councils are going on about obesity in children one thing that children get plenty of exercise and gain life skills North Lanarkshire council decide to save a few hundred grand on closing this fantastic facility for primary seven children the Scottish executive should step in and make sure that North Lanarkshire council are held to account and made to change there closure plans
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