• #SaveHampshireServices - Stop critical funding to older people's community schemes from being cut
    Our new report shows that from the £240,000 that we receive via HCC Community Grants, we are able to save the public purse at least £312,418 every year – at least £72,000 per year more than we receive in total from the grants. Not only this, but the savings to older people’s lives are even greater. Following a survey of the older people who access our services and activities in Hampshire we found: • 57% felt that activities and services that they engaged with help to reduce their feelings of isolation and loneliness. • 86% who took part in exercise classes (such as strength and balance groups, cheerleading and tai chi) felt that the services improved their physical fitness. • 16% of service users (325 of 2,300) said that accessing services and activities provided by the Community Grants delayed them needing to access social care services in 2021 • 1 in ten (244 of 2,300) service users told us that these services reduced their need to access health services as a result of ill health. We need your support to stop these life-saving grants from being cut so we can keep enabling older people in Hampshire to live later life well, please add your voice to the campaign and sign the petition below. You can help to share this petition on social media using the hashtag #SaveHampshireServices If you would like to add your views to Hampshire County Council’s consultation directly please visit the HCC website at: https://www.hants.gov.uk/AHC-consultation Read our full report here: https://mha.org.uk/savehampshireservices
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  • M&S please bring back your full Gluten free range
    Coeliac disease/gluten sensitivity is for life. It's hard enough having the condition without been deprived of much loved and missed products. Coeliac disease is on the rise. We need more education on it. Unless there is a cure in the future, there is no alternative currently but to stick to a gluten free diet for life. More products need to be made available and M&S has gone right downhill. We need to change others attitudes towards coeliac disease. Listen to what your customers want and want to buy - BRING BACK YOUR FULL GLUTEN FREE RANGE.
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  • Stop the removal of the £20 per week Universal Credit uplift
    We have just been through a historical time in human history. Never before have we seen such devastation. Covid-19 hit us all hard, thousands of businesses went bust. Many new claims were made to the Universal Credit system as families were plunged into poverty as their livelihoods were taken from them as the virus ravaged our towns and cities. The Universal Credit system is a lifeline for millions of people in the UK and the £20 per week deduction is going to cripple families who have been plunged into the benefit system through no fault of their own. Let's face it, £20 per week may not sound like a lot to many of you, but to claimants of the benefit system it is a fortune. This money is a week's food shopping! A weeks gas and electricity for our top up meters! This government has decided to reduce the allowance just as the winter hits us. What do we tell our children as they sit in the cold house this winter and ask why they can't have the heating on? Families are going to have to choose to literally eat or heat this winter with this deduction. A DEDUCTION THAT THE POPULATION OF THE UK DID NOT GET CHANCE TO VOTE ON! I want to inform the POPULATION of this country, the government is here to serve us, and do as we collectively say. Not the other way round! It's not rocket science is it? Those who are on higher salaries should be willing and able to help the poorest in our society by paying just a small increase on their national insurance stamp to help fund the extra £20 per week rise in Universal Credit. Or we could add a fraction of a penny to fuel prices to pay for this extra £20 per week allowance. This country has a moral obligation to help those who were hit the hardest by the covid-19 virus and were plunged into the welfare system. So this petition is for the masses of the country, the population of this country to HAVE THEIR SAY ON THIS IMMORAL DEDUCTION. I implore you to sign this petition and let this Conservative government know that the majority of the UK population that they serve, do not want this deduction to be implemented and carried forward. We did not get the chance to have OUR SAY, now YOU CAN! BY SIGNING THIS PETITION. Do what is morally correct and let the people who serve us, and don't have a clue about the welfare system, and the cost of living know that we do not want this deduction to continue. People will die from this decision. Children will get sick, malnourished and depression will rise alarmingly by this simple £20 per week deduction. Take the money off those who are blessed enough to be able to help those who are less fortunate than themselves. It's not really a hard decision to make is it? Keep the £20 per week increase to the universal credit system and help the families in need during this time in humanity that has never been seen before. Share this petition far and wide. Let the public decide, as it is our country, with rules and systems that we ALL Want to live with. Thank you. Signed, A universal credit claimant
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  • 100% Council Tax Reduction for people on low incomes in Torbay and South Hams
    These charges are forcing people into debt and considerable hardship. It simply does not make sense to take legal action against people with Council Tax arrears, who cannot afford to pay, and then direct them to food banks to feed their children.
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  • Raise International Aid back to 0.7%
    If you care about OUR planet Earth, you should sign this petition. Many people are going to suffer because of this and we need to try and stop it.
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  • Save funding for the arts
    It is vital for our cultural wellbeing that we have a flourishing arts sector that is accessible to anyone with a talent and passion for the arts. If this cut goes ahead, only wealthy students will be able to study subjects such as music, drama and dance. This will not only stifle creativity and innovation in the arts, but have a hugely detrimental impact on an industry worth billions to the UK economy (music alone was worth £5.8 billion in 2019).
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  • Save the Couper Institute and Library
    The Couper Institute and Library are important community facilities in the southside of Glasgow. Built in 1887, the Institute has served as an important venue for community groups and organisations for generations. The attached library was build in 1924 and is an important community resource we cannot lose. The Couper was under threat in the 1990s and the community came together to fight the closure - we need that same solidarity again. The Couper is noticeably missing from any reopening plans and this is extremely worrying. The community calls upon Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life to ensure both the Institute and Library are reopened as soon as COVID regulations allow. The Couper must not be forgotten!
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  • Save Our Librarians
    Across the five Idea Stores and two libraries in Tower Hamlets, we have over 1.92 million visits a year. Idea Stores are more than just a library or a place for learning. As well as library services, we offer a wide range of adult learning courses and an extensive activities and events programme for all the family, seven days a week. The community is at the heart of everything we do but with 30 job cuts and with minimum staffing levels, we will not be able to deliver the services that you know and love. The Covid-19 pandemic has increased residents social isolation and it is now more than ever that residents need a fully staffed library service. Your support is vital to stop excessive front line job cuts at the Idea Stores and libraries.
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  • To get lincolnshire county council to turn on the street lights at night
    I am calling for Lincolnshire County Council to reverse this decision and turn on the lights in the evenings so as to give the taxpayers of boston and surrounding villages piece of mind and the confidence to leave their homes at night whether it be to walk a dog ,go to a friends ,cycle to work or simply to put their bins out.People feel safer with light. Please join me in signing this and to get some action taken.
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  • Public Toilet Facilities for Bristol City Centre
    From our perspective the provision of accessible public toilet facilities is a basic duty of local government to protect and preserve the human rights of Bristol’s residents and visitors. It is also a question of upholding the public dignity of those who need regular access to such facilities. It is also imperative that these facilities include Changing Places facilities for use for those with profound physical and learning disabilities. It is our hope that Bristol City Council will be able to make use of the £30 million fund the Government established to help local councils provide such facilities last year. http://www.changing-places.org/the_campaign/what_are_changing_places_toilets_.aspx https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-53448846 https://www.theibsnetwork.org/about-us/
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  • Save John Carroll Leisure Centre - No Cuts!
    John Carroll is the last real community facility available in Radford, one of the most deprived areas in Nottingham, which is now at risk of closure due to council budget cuts. Nottingham City Council has made £272 million worth of funding cuts in the last decade, but rather than standing up to the Government's austerity policies, the Labour-run City Council is forcing the poorest communities in the city to pay the price. John Carroll could become the latest victim in this attack on community services but you can help by signing this petition. For decades John Carroll served as place where children could build the confidence they need to succeed and as a sporting facility for under-funded schools. It has been a polling centre, a base for political campaigning and a hub for Notts County to inspire local budding sport prospects. It has even served as an information and confidence building point for victims of Female Genital Mutilation. Most importantly, John Carroll Leisure Centre has served as a meeting place for a diverse range of groups and plays an enormous role in fostering co-operation and trust between people in the community. The centre is a vital asset for the residents of Radford who now, more than ever, need support to keep their community centre going. Help us get to 5,000 signatures! Save the John Carroll!
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  • Save our Libraries in Tower Hamlets
    Tower Hamlets Council seems to think libraries are a thing of the past. When I talked to my 10 year-old granddaughter about this recently. She was shocked when I told her Bethnal Green library is under threat. Before COVID, she used to go there regularly with her school, as her mum did before her. She says children need real libraries and real books. Libraries are vital to the future of our community, now more than ever. Many people don't have access to the internet, or space to do homework and not everyone wants to read a book on a screen. Our libraries also play a vital social role, for children, schools, older people or those who are isolated or lonely. COVID has also reminded us that not all children have access to remote learning. That's compounded in Tower Hamlets, where hundreds of children live in cramped, overcrowded homes. Tower Hamlets Council should join with other local authorities to demand the government provides the money to keep our libraries open.
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