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To: Alan Chaplin Acting MD Arriva Rail North (Northern)

Better train services for Davenport and Woodsmoor

Arriva Rail North (Northern) needs to fulfill its obligations of winning the Northern franchise: "to actively seek to greatly improve performance and deliver the best railway passenger service that can be obtained".

Your first draft of the new timetable includes cuts to services for Davenport and Woodsmoor. This is completely unacceptable. There is clear need for services to be improved and increased, not maintained and definitely not cut.

Why is this important?

Over the past 7 years there has been huge growth in use of both Davenport (41% up) and Woodsmoor (56% up).

Many people rely on the trains for travel to work (commuting to Manchester and beyond, commuting to Stepping Hill hospital), visiting patients at Stepping Hill, travelling to education (Aquinas college, Stockport school, Great Moor School, Stockport Grammar) and for leisure trips.

Northern should be held to account and fulfill their need to ‘transform’ rail services, a word they have been so keen to use in their PR but so reluctant to deliver in their actions


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