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Pay our social care workers a minimum of the Real Living Wage.

Why is this important?

We call on the Government to ensure all social care workers receive a minimum of the Real Living Wage.

Covid-19 has revealed just how much we rely on our nation's social care workers and the risks that they take to do their job. It has provided a focus on the incredible work they undertake, and the skills required to deliver social care and support to the highest of standards. But social care workers aren't given the rate of pay that they deserve - despite them literally placing their lives at risk to fulfil their role to the people they support, their employer and to society.

As heartening as it is that the Government recognised social care workers as key workers, few get above the national living wage of £8.72 per hour. From next April the national living wage will increase to £8.91. But the Real Living Wage Association have calculated that the minimum salary people need to live on is £9.50 per hour (£10.85 in London).

There are 1.52 million social care workers in the UK, supporting vulnerable people. The majority are employed by social care providers, many of which are charities. Local authorities pay social care providers an hourly rate and it is this rate that determines how much social care workers are paid. The hourly rates vary between local authorities – but none provide enough funding to social care providers to enable them to pay the Real Living Wage.

Earlier this year, the Scottish Government worked with local government to ensure all social care key workers now receive the Real Living Wage. We want this to be implemented throughout the UK.
Please sign this petition so that we can show the Government how much the public want to see social care workers receive the pay they deserve.

How it will be delivered

We hope to deliver the petition to 10 Downing Street

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Reasons for signing

  • Because my brother in law and good friend Joe works In social care and definitely deserves better pay
  • Health and social care staff have been over worked and underpaid for years. It’s a complex job with lots of risk and responsibility but still described as unskilled work
  • I dunno I dunno I dunno


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