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To: Enfield Council

Bin the new bin collections

Bin the new bin collections

Please reverse your decision to change weekly bin collections to bi-weekly collection and cancel future charges in garden waste

Why is this important?

This is important because this service is one of the few services left to Enfield residents. The so-called “consultation” conducted by the council revealed a majority of residents preferred to keep the bin collections as a weekly service rather than change it to bi-weekly with additional charges for garden waste.

London Borough of Enfield

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Reasons for signing

  • This decision is "Absolute Rubbish" - as will be the condition of our Borough if it goes ahead!!!
  • Enfield council should want to listen to it's residents concerns. Why must we have to sign petitions to request the maintainance of basic services. If the council wants to reduce services, they should reduce our council tax.
  • A stupid, backward thinking, change from a council who has completely lost the plot. Reverse this decision now!


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