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To: Enfield Council

Bin the new bin collections

Bin the new bin collections

Please reverse your decision to change weekly bin collections to bi-weekly collection and cancel future charges in garden waste

Why is this important?

This is important because this service is one of the few services left to Enfield residents. The so-called “consultation” conducted by the council revealed a majority of residents preferred to keep the bin collections as a weekly service rather than change it to bi-weekly with additional charges for garden waste.

London Borough of Enfield

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Reasons for signing

  • Enfield Council have a bloody cheek. To put in unnecessary polluting bike lanes (yes, the increased amount of stationary traffic is actually causing more pollution in the borough) and then cut down on the most important services is disgraceful. We don't need oversized wooden flower pots at the start of the road causing accidents - just give us the basic services you should be giving us. Collect the rubbish weekly. thats all.
  • A council that cannot provide a basic service, such as weekly bin collections, but chooses to squander residents hard earned taxes on vanity projects, such as the bike lanes, is clearly INCOMPETENT and NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. DO NOT vote for councillors who voted for this and vanity projects; they are clearly not in local politics to serve the residents of Enfield but to push their own ideology and agenda on the rest of us.
  • Weekly collection of bins is non-negotiable. Bi-weekly bin collections have been trialled in other councils and failed miserably. In a time of severe austerity, the council chooses to squander residents hard earned council taxes on vanity projects, such as unnecessary bike lanes, dangerous and congestion causing planters in the middle of roads, unnecessary resurfacing roads just to spend the budget before the year end, etc, etc. Clearly the Council thinks


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