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To: MPs and Justine Greening

Bite bullying in the bud

Bite bullying in the bud

Stand up to bullying, enough children have lost their lives to relentless bullies.

Embed sessions around bullying into the curriculum:
- have weekly/fortnightly/monthly sessions where people can talk about issues and tackle them
- teach kids it's not OK to bully or be bullied.

When kids take their lives as a direct result of bullying those responsible for bullying should be held accountable and they should face consequences, however it would be better to find a prevention and educate through the community and curriculum.

We need to embed sessions on a regular basis in addition we need to consider reverting back to the old schooling system, perhaps reintroduce middle schools again gradually. Or even separating the year 7 - 9 from the 10 - 12 in secondary schools etc.

We need to champion change and stop more innocent lives being lost.

Why is this important?

Asad Khan an 11 year old boy from Bradford took his own life on the eve of Wednesday the 28th of September as a result of bullying - an 11 year old should not contemplate such an action - what drove him to it is serious - he had just started a new school and 3 weeks in the bullies had pushed him to this extent. It is absolutely heartbreaking - this needs to stop - let's take action and do something - we have failed Asad and many others as a society lets not fail another child - especially one as young as 11.



2017-03-18 20:07:51 +0000

It is good to see all the support, I thank all those that have signed so far. I would like to encourage everyone to share and share again. If we can get more signatures then hopefully Justine Greening and the government will sit up and take note. This is a serious issue not one to brush under the carpet!

2016-10-02 13:18:32 +0100

Thank you all so much for your support - lets keep this going - so that the government sit up and take notice - we need this embedding within the curriculum and our homes - Safina Kauser

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