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To: UK Goverment

Blue Badge Scheme not fit for purpose

Blue Badge Scheme not fit for purpose

I want them to put in place a royal commision or an across party working group to look into the Blue Badge scheme. Having talked to lots of Disabled drivers who struggle to get a disabled parking spot and see 75% of people clearly abusing the scheme.

Why is this important?

Disabled drivers and people being transported in the UK are put at a serious disadvantage by people abusing a scheme that does not serve the people it was set up for. The government will say it for individual councils to police the Blue Badge scheme but even when councils weren't so strapped for cash at the most 3 councils in the UK had blue badge inspectors. Since the councils have had their budgets slashed do you think they can afford to police this? It needs overhauling at point of issue.



2018-03-29 17:53:39 +0100

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