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To: The Leader of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson insults people of Glastonbury, Somerset

Boris Johnson insults people of Glastonbury, Somerset

On the 14th November 2019 Boris Johnson, current leader of the Conservative Party, was forced to change the venue of an election visit from Glastonbury, Somerset, due to peaceful protest. He insulted and humiliated the protestors by publicly telling customers in a bakery in Wells, Somerset, that: “There were lots of crusties there - more crusty than your loaves.”

Boris Johnson should publicly apologise to the people of Glastonbury and commit the Conservative Party to embracing and celebrating difference.

Why is this important?

Boris Johnson is seeking election to the highest office in the UK, that of Prime Minister. Such a role demands leadership and an ability to work for all the people of the country. Mr Johnson’s words today demonstrate a lack of positive regard for fellow human beings who may lead an alternate lifestyle to his. He displayed a stereotypical response, which is something someone in high office should be above, and as such implied that the people of Glastonbury do not have opinions that are worth taking seriously.

His comments have the potential to stick and as such cause long lasting damage to business that relies heavily upon tourism.

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Reasons for signing

  • Couldn't deal with a dozen peaceful people holding signs? Not fit to be PM.
  • Because I loath every this vile man stands for!!
  • Too many reasons to put here


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