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To: Secretary of State for the Environment

Bottles and Cans Recycling Law

Bottles and Cans Recycling Law

Introduce legislation that bans the sale of non-refundable drinks containers.

Why is this important?

The UK uses around 37,000,000,000 (yes, 37 billion) bottles and cans each year and we only recycle 56% of these. (

This leaves over 16 billion bottles and cans littering our green spaces, parks and beaches.

Litter causes harm to pets, wildlife and people.

We need a Deposit Return Scheme, backed by the Government, similiar to the scheme in Sweden.

For example, the Swedish scheme, applies to anyone who professionally fills or imports plastic bottles or metal cans with ready-to-drink beverages. They must ensure that the containers are included in the Government approved recycling system which includes a refundable deposit for every container.
This scheme has been run by a company owned by the Swedish Brewery Association, Swedish Food Retailers’ Federation and Swedish Grocery Store Association, since 1984, at no cost to the Government or Local Authorities.(

It is worth noting that Sweden's overall recycle rate is 85%.

In 2018, Environment Secretary Michael Gove said, “It is absolutely vital we act now.” If it was urgent then, it is even more so now.
Action is now required.



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