To: Banbury and Oxfordshire council

Bridge street graffiti change

Bridge street graffiti change

A few years ago, a graffiti wall that has been a prominent, bright part of Banbury was hastily painted over with an image that depicts a pigeon. Since then numerous people have stated how depressing and grey it is, and how they miss the previous painting. I am petitioning to the council, that they grant me and some others permission to change the wall, and come up with a much nicer, brighter mural that's more reminiscent of the previous wall.

Why is this important?

Dark grey, dull and mundane images can change people's mood and sense of moral. Me, and I'm sure many others used to look at that bright colourful wall, with a sense of pride and happiness.

Bridge Bar, Banbury

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Reasons for signing

  • Firstly It should never have been painted over, that was a part of Banbury Town !! Secondly, it's been done badly with no consideration to what our town stands for, thirdly, it's depressing and really makes no sense!!
  • A bloody pigeon, of all the diverse wildlife a bloody pigeon. Banbury the well known place for its pigeon pie. I can guess the bamboo garden was most likely selling pigeon fried rice as there was no product labels on anything but this has got to go.
  • We don't come to Banbury very often anymore due to moving away but we always loved driving past the mural with the kids in the car, they knew we were nearly with family as soon as we approached it, now it's so sad and dreary looking the kids don't even really look up from their seats


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