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To: Brighton and Hove Local Authority

Brighton & Hove Council: SEND us a Break!

We, the undersigned, petition Brighton and Hove Council to URGENTLY provide short breaks, holiday activities and after school provision for ALL children and young people with SEND aged 0-25 and their families, which is suitable for all levels of needs including children with complex needs.

Why is this important?

Children and Young People and their Parents and Carers urgently need this provision to be in place and accessible to all before the summer holidays start at the end of July 2024 so that children and young people can engage in meaningful activities when they are not at school or college, so that parents and carers can work, and so that parents and carers can have a break from their caring role.

Since the closure of Extratime in 2023, the local authority has failed to produce a plan of action to provide short breaks and holiday activities for all children with SEND, the little that has been offered is not suitable for those with complex needs who need 1:1 support. This is contrary to the local authority’s legal duties and leaves Children and Young People and their families in crisis and struggling to cope. Without having adequate provision in place many families will not cope with the summer holidays and without adequate provision to allow parents to work parents may lose their jobs and many families will be plunged into financial and family crisis. This is likely to cost the local authority more in the long term if families in crisis results in more emergency placements for children and young people being required.

How it will be delivered

SEND us a Break! are a local parent carers campaign group. We are due to have a meeting with the local authority on 1st May 2024 to discuss this issue. We would like to get as many signatures as possible before that meeting to show the strength of feeling on this issue. We also hope to present the petition at a meeting of the relevant committee for this issue - The Children, Schools and Families committee

Brighton and Hove, UK

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